About Kenyon Farrow

Kenyon Farrow has been working as an organizer, communications strategist, and writer on issues at the intersection of HIV/AIDS, prisons, and homophobia. Kenyon is the former Executive Director of Queers for Economic Justice—an organization dedicated to organizing, research, and advocacy for and with low-income and working-class lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Prior to becoming ED, Kenyon served as the National Public Education Director, building the visibility of progressive racial and economic justice issues as they pertain to LGBTQ community through coalition-building, public education, and media advocacy. Currently he serves on the Executive Committee of Connect 2 Protect New York, and the Center for Gay & Lesbian Studies (CLAGS). Kenyon is working on a new report on the Tea Party and LGBT Politics with Political Research Associates, as well as working as a book editor with South End Press.

Kenyon was also a Policy Institute Fellow with the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) doing research, writing, and advocating for new approaches to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Black gay men in the U.S.

While the Director of Communications for CHAMP, Kenyon lead the strategic communications efforts for the Prevention Justice Mobilization, and helped launch Project Unshackle—a network of AIDS activists and prison activists from across the country to work more strategically together at the intersection of mass imprisonment and HIV risk.

Kenyon has also led successful campaigns to tackle homophobia in the Black community. While with the New York State Black Gay Network, he launched a faith-based project—the REVIVAL! Initiative, help shut down a performance of homophobic dancehall artists, and launched a groundbreaking social marketing campaign challenging homophobia in the Black community, which has now been replicated in several cities across the country. He was also a board member of FIERCE!

In addition to his community work, he is the co-editor of “Letters From Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out” (Nation Books 2005) and the upcoming “A New Queer Agenda” and Stand Up! The Politics of Racial Uplift (South End Press). His work has appeared in publications such as The Huffington Post, Colorlines.com, theGrio.com, Bilerico.com, After Elton.com, Utne Reader, Black Commentator, and in the anthologies, “Spirited: Affirming the Soul of Black Lesbian and Gay Identity” (Red Bone Press 2006) and the new book “Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage (AK Press 2010).”

Kenyon has been a panelist, lecturer and keynote speaker at many conferences and universities including New York University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Wisconsin/Madison, and Hampshire College, University of California/Berkeley, Antioch College, University of Texas at Austin, and Macalester College.

He has been honored as one of the “Movers and Shakers” in HIV/AIDS Activism in the African-American Community by The Body.com, was named as one of Out Magazine’s Out 100 for 2008,  the Advocate Magazine’s “40 Under 40” LGBT Leaders in the United States for 2010, and one of Black Entertainment Television’s “Modern Black History Heroes” for 2011.

Kenyon is a native of Cleveland, OH, but has lived in New Orleans, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

To read more of Kenyon’s writing, please visit the Selected Writings page.

10 Responses to About Kenyon Farrow

  1. T. Evans says:

    Cool, bruh!… Do the damn thang!

    I never did get around to e-mailing you my thoughts of your thoughts on gay marriage…lol

    -One time caller from the STL- (Uhh…that’s St. Louis for all you less-than-impressed non-midwesterners)

  2. Frank L says:

    Interested in how I can get at you to give some talks for some progressive youths.
    Frank L

  3. Jim Pickett says:

    Kenyon – thanks for your post on the lube survey yesterday! I am the chair of the International Rectal Microbicide Working Group and also the chief guy behind LifeLube.org and LifeLube.blogspot.com. I really, really appreciate you helping to get the word out about the survey, and writing about rectal microbicides.
    Have a good one my friend. As a thank you, I am linking to you on our blog. Would be delighted if you linked back!

  4. karanja says:

    hey Kenyon. Great blog – loads of great information – thanks for getting the word out. The news in here needs to be covered even though some of it is so infuriating and sad. Please come and check out GBMnews.com – a page where I edit the political section. Hit me up if you think you may wanna contribute

  5. Maryam says:


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    Thank You,

    Maryam Abrishamcar

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  6. Chalana Seward-Gilliham says:


    I literally stumbled onto this website. You look great. I miss you and would love to talk to you. I am in NJ all the time so we definately have to meet up. I am so proud of you, I always knew how great you were and now it seems like the rest of the world does to. We definately need to talk I am a grant writer and would love to contribute to the new book in anyway I can.

    Love & Kisses from Cleveland,

    Chalana Seward-Gilliham

  7. Trying to make contact. Would like to chat with you about writing for us at Clik Magazine


  8. Jon says:

    Am a white guy, 57, NW suburbs of Chicago. Seeking friendship with black gay man. Don’t know how to achieve this. Do not drink , smoke, or do drugs so don’t know how to meet such a person. Can you help me out with some suggestions? Interested in writing/dialougue to begin with. Meet at Starbucks or the like…after few times writing.

  9. Suzy Subways says:

    Hi Kenyon,
    My computer died and I lost your email address… Sorry for being so late in replying! I would love to go to lunch sometime when you come to Philly.
    I’ll get your email address from Dan, but until then, take care,

  10. Hey Kenyon,

    I’m trying to send you an invitation to a gathering…what’s your email address?