Selected Writing


Author, “Not Showing Up:Blacks, Military Recruitment and the Antiwar Movement.” We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America. PM Press. 2012.

Author, “When the Strong Grow Weak.” For Colored Boys Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Still Not Enough: Coming of Age, Coming Out, and Coming Home. Magnus Books. 2012.

Author, “A Military Job is Not Economic Justice.” Against Equality: Don’t Ask to Fight Their Wars. AK Press. 2012

Author, “Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?”. Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Same-Sex Marriage. AK Press. 2010

Co-editor w/ Dan Berger and Chesa Boudin. Letters From Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out. Nation Books. 2005. Also wrote “Open Letter to Condoleezza Rice.”

Author, “The Voodoo That We Do.” Spirited: Affirming the Soul of Black Gay/Lesbian Identity. Red Bone Press. 2006.


Co-editor with Lisa Duggan, Richard Kim, and Joseph DeFilippis. A New Queer Agenda. Feminist & Scholar. Also wrote the Afterword “A Future Beyond Equality.

“Resisting the Rainbow: Right-wing Responses to LGBT Gains.” A Report by Political Research Associates. I wrote the chapter “Black Conservatives, the Tea Party, and LGBT Politics” and co-authored with Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz “Movement Building: Past and Present Strategies”

Print/Online News


Terence McNally’s “Some Men” (Review)

Ayinde Castro: Celebrity Face Beater (Interview)

Tori Fixx: Hip-Hop’s Homo Revolution (Interview)


Young, Gay, Black—and at Risk for HIV


Gay Marriage In New York: Progressive Victory or GOP Roadmap?

Why It’s Time for Real Sex Education


We’re Still Living With AIDS

Black Agenda Report

Why the AFL-CIO Must Address Black Criminalization and (Un)Employment (w/Tamara K. Nopper)

Black AIDS Institute

Study: 3 Percent of Black Gay Men Become Infected Every Year

Black Commentator/WIN

Not Showing Up: Blacks, Military Recruitment, & The Anti-war Movement

City Limits

A House of Our Own

City Hall News

Hedging Bets on Hedge Funds


50 Cent’s New Pocketbook Values: Anti-Gay Won’t Pay, Even for Hip Hop

A Political Obituary of Etta James.

CeCe McDonald Deserves Our Support, ‘Innocent’ or Not

The Real Lesson Behind North Carolina’s Amendment 1.


All Articles Here

The Indypendent

Incognegro Author Frank Wilderson Reads in NYC

Reading Gay Pride: New Books for the Queer Left

Analog Girl Finds The Digital World: A Review of Erykah Badu’s “New Amerykah, Pt.1″


Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?

Open Letter to Condoleezza Rice

We Real Cool: On Hip-Hop, Asian-Americans, Black Folks, & Appropriation

Left Turn

Review of the film Claudine. Yes, THE Claudine!

Black is Not Enough: Thoughts on Race, Gender, Sexuality and the Black Left (Interview)



Treatment Access Isn’t Just a Global Issue

Randomization Roullette: Are Current Studies Fair For Those With No Options?

In the House

People with HIV May Need Longer HIV Treatment

No Lipodystrophy Approval for Serostim (w/Tim Horn).

Selenium Supplements: Hope, Hype or Harmful?

Death Rates Higher Among Rural Positive Patients–But Why?

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