The Birth

Hello Babies!

So, you are witness to a new blog birth!

After doing an interview for my grandbaby a few months back, I was met with an overwhelming response from my adoring fans, demanding that I, Kenyon, start my own blog! So now, you, the public don’t have to wait any longer for my next political rant to enjoy the delicious taste of tea being spilt. You can simply log in and find out what’s on my mind and heart of late (and what bee is in my bonnet when it comes to that!).

So…to start you children off, you can check out the link to the interview that began it all…

  • Paris Hilton Is Burning
    • 6 thoughts on “The Birth

      1. I just love your sense of humor. lol

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      2. sound the trumpet and herald the coming… roll out the clouds as a scroll as he descends into the blogsphere… cherubs frolic, angels rejoice and cyber-savy fags of color bookmark the page… so was it written, so shall it be!

        (translation: welcome, my love)

      3. Good to see you push this out your third chakra, honey! It was only a matter of time. Welcome to the blogfam!

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