What’s really good in Sudan?

I am ever grateful to Rudolph Lewis for consistently supporting my work as a writer. Lately he has taken on publishing an article (which includes some very disturbing photos) on what is happening in Sudan. These photos bring to bear the question of why Black suffering does not matter. If you consider how much our media loves grotesque images usually for shock value, (recently in the cases of Abu Graihb, the Tsunami catastrophe, and of Saddam Hussein in his skivies), but often the publishing of such photos have had the effect of moving public opinion to want to intervene in some way–and I am not sure that the US is capable in “intervening” in any manner that won’t result in a bigger mess, honestly–I have to wonder why as shocking as these photos are, why they have not been published in any other media outlet in the US to my knowledge.

Without further ado, see for yourself.

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