AfroPunk Weekend

So, I have recently fallen in love with all things AfroPunk. I have known about the film since it’s debut, but kept missing it’s screenings, cuz, well, I lived in New Orleans which only had one screening and I was out of town then…

Anyway, I missed the film yet again on March 22, but damn near broke my neck to get to the Delancey that night to see my favorit artist
Joi perform for the first of director James Spooner’s Liberation Sessions – Black rock/punkster musicians who rock the crowds after the film screenings. Brilliant marketing, James!

Anyhow, I saw the film and loved it (I’ll review it later), and have been a walking/talking billboard, and been up in the Liberation Sessions parties.

So I am recommending you put down the damn bottle rockets, and get your 4th of July fireworks on at BAM, and at the Delancey (168 Delancey St. between Clinton and Attorney Sts. 212-254-9920 ) this weekend for the film fest and three nights of fly ass music.

Black Rock not your thang? Well, on Sunday night, the Ubiquita crew and DJ Cool Marv is serving up a stankin’ ass brew of soul, funk, disco, house, and some mo fly ass shit. If I don’t see you there and you live in the 5 boroughs, you’re whack!

9 thoughts on “AfroPunk Weekend

  1. I went to the last afropunk event,and I had a good time,I wish I could make it this time,but I might miss it.

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