Too Much In One Week

I have been working with my organization to produce an event here in NYC to challenge Black ministers to end their homophobia, cuz we’ve had four Black Gay men die very violently here in NYC and we’ve had very little support from the Black community, let alone the ministers who run and jump in front of cameras whenever a “race” hate crime happens, but won’t keep their straight brothas in the neighborhood from brutalizing Black women and Black queer folks. Does anyone even know that a Black woman was found in trash bags in the Bronx a few weeks after Rashawn Brazell was found? After the story was sandwiched in between a celebrity divorce and the weather, I never heard another word about it. Not that we know that her murderer was a Black man, but why has her name also vanished?

Yesterday I also read a story about a man who had beaten his 3 year old son repeatedly until he died because he was afraid his son wasn’t tough enough, and would grow up a sissy.

Today, I get an email from Merv telling me that
Two teenage gay men were executed in Iran for being gay.

Lastly, NYC is going to begin random searches at subway stations.

But I gotta go. It’s 5 o’clock and I have to prepare for meeting that in this moment, I could give a damn about.

2 thoughts on “Too Much In One Week

  1. Hi, love your site!! It’s great that you are educating and voicing your opinion. I am in Alabama and have not heard of what you speak of in this post. I am so tired of seeing these non blacks get publicity while minorities are put on the backburner. Some people say that blacks make too much of a fuss, but I swear if it wasn’t there to be fussed about we wouldn’t have a discussion. Homophobia is something that alot of top officials have a problem with. Look at the way Bush handled topics about homosexuals. He doesn’t even want homosexuals to marry. Man, I could go on and on, but I won’t. Keep doing your thang honey.

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