Reverend Willie Wilson’s Foolishness

You know, I have about had it with this homophobic foolishness from Black Clergy. I know it ain’t all of y’all, but it’s too damn many to be sure. So, I wrote this piece in response to all that madness published by Black AIDS Institute, initially titled “Fighting to Be Free.” So, here it is…Full Story

2 thoughts on “Reverend Willie Wilson’s Foolishness

  1. You know, it never fails to amaze me how retarded in our perception we can be. The ignorance that the Black religious community has been spewing for the most part is demonstrative of how blind we can be. These same ministers have more fairies in their congregation than they do fans, but have no problems taking their gay ass tides. Blatant hypocricy and continued ignorance will never allow us to come together as a people and move beyond our marginalized status. Stories like this piss me off. We really need to wake up.

  2. why keep trying to enlighten the Black religious community about the progressive GLBTQ and allies movement? Why not focus on trying to lead people away from a religion that spews so much ignorance and hatred? Shit like this is what made me leave the church.

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