Kanye West Denounces Homophobia

Hey yall? Have you heard that Kanye West Denounced Homopobia in an MTV interview that airs tonight at 10:30pm?

I remember last year Donald siad to me when I wrote “We Real Cool” that he didn’t know why I was bothering to defend hip-hop, cuz he was one step away from thinking the whole thing is just some shit that we should turn loose of. Granted. But I do have to say that I am happy that Kanye decided to make some kinda statement against the rampant homophobia that is hip-hop. It is not so much that i want hip-hop, as a cultural/musical genre to be “redeemed” per se, I just want the homophobes to shut the fuck up!!!!

Really. If you can’t get with it, just keep my name out your mouth and your hand off me. It’s that simple.

I am not one of those people who thinks that hip-hop was once revolutionary and then veered down a wrong path. Hip-hop was a party music. I have a friend who siad to me once about another subject – “That is not revolutionary. That is a creative response to oppression. There’s a difference.”

And the same goes for hip-hop. A creative response to oppression? Yes. Liberatory/ Not so much. I like hip-hop, but I know better than to think it is going to save us. Beside, even if hip-hop artists stop spitting homophobic lyrics, what are they going to do about their misogyny? Can they stop that shit as well?

That said, I do think this is a step in the right direction. Listening to the conversations (backed with organizing)happening in DC, LA, Chicago, and NYC (at least we trying to get it together), I hear a different tone in our voices. Folks seem really done with the bullshit. I just hope that this (dare I say?) movement outlasts the press that celebrity hip-hop stars and ministers are getting. I also hope that the Kanye’s and the Sharpton’s actually speak to and work with Black queer folks and not just the white gay orgs who are bound to be all up in it.

That’s my rant for the moment. Being Bobby Brown is on, so I gotta go. I’m bloggin’ about Bobby and Whitney soon. Be patient…

1 thought on “Kanye West Denounces Homophobia

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