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one woman. one neighborhood. one love.

Written and Rocked by Hanifah Walidah

Original Music by Hanifah Walidah

Produced by Wabi Sabi Productions and in conjunction with Trust Life
Relases and The Hip Hop Theater Festival, Black Folks Guide to Black
Folks, a play heralded across the country from press and audiences of
every make up as ‘groundbreaking!’ will make its New York debut at the
Producer’s Club this Octobe rfor 3 weeks only!

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Information and Discounts

over Anna Deveare Smith – there’s a new queen of solo performance in

The Boston Globe

“Amazing…Transfixed!…A comedic tour de force” –
SF Chronicle


In Black Folks Guide to Black Folks, Hanifah Walidah becomes an entire
neighborhood of characters linked together in a polyrhythmic mesh of loves
and life lessons. In particular, Black Folks Guide approaches the topic
of homophobia in the black community by remaining true to the familiar
as it blurs the lines and giggles in the faces of sexuality, health, love,
faith, and fear.

Folks Guide initially debuted in Oakland, CA in 2002 and has since been
commissioned by the 4th Annual NYC Hip Hop Theater Festival, Harvard,
Stanford, Depaul, The SF International Arts Festival, National Black
Arts Festival, Seattle Langston Hughes Theater, National Black Theater
Festival, Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, the Boston Theater
Offensive Festival. Fall 2005 marks the official debut of the piece
in NYC for a 3 week initial run at the Producer’s Club on Broadway.

Uproarious, Sincere…an impeccable performance" – East Bay

place is Around-the-way, USA. The folks who live on this block are family,
friends and everyday faces. There is Dee who runs the neighborhood day
care and takes care of everyone’s child as her own takes care of her.
There’s the Cheatam clan who runs the Friday fish fry where you can
always find the men in the family playing a game of spades. There’s
Top Pop the elder (nobody knows how old exactly), Brother Kwan, a young
father who just joined the Fruit of Islam, Uncle Hump Dump who often
speaks of his ‘main man Pete’ and Cuzin’ Puddin’ who
is a social worker and Top Pop’s favorite manchild. Just down the block
is Lynn who sells incense, books and loves ladies with pretty feet.
Across the street is the Church of Love Everlasting with Pastor Ebonise
Preeds, whose son Louie is also dealing with his own loves and loss.
And lastly there is The Last Stop, at the end of the block, where Ms.
Invincible stands on a soap box which reads "Say Yo’ Peace"
and speaks to the one who counts the stars.

gap tooth Zora Neale Hurston” – SF Bay Guardian


Hanifah Walidah, a native New Yorker, is a sincere voice and breathtaking
story teller whose rubberband face embodies every word of her stories.
At one time known as poet Sha-Key, she is revered as a key architect
and pioneer of the modern fusion of hip hop and poetic verse co-founding
early poetic collectives The Vibe Khameleons and The Boom Poetic whose
artistic mark on the NYC poetry scene profoundly influenced then emerging
artists Sarah Jones, Saul Williams, Liza Jesse Peterson and others.
Her 15 year career
in music
has had her perform, record and collaborate with such artists
as The Brooklyn Funk Essentials, The Crystal Method, German Grammy-Award
Winning Producer Mousse T, The Roots and Mike Ladd. She received the
1999 NYFA Fellowship in Poetry and recently released the critically
acclaimed CD ,hip hop opera, “Adidi-the
Untold Story
” featuring Saul Williams, Mums The Schemer and
music by Earl Blaize of Antipop Consortium. This fall will introduce
her sophmore album "Once Upon It Is" which features music
from Black Folks Guide to Black Folks. More recently she was appoointed
musical director for the upcoming hiphop/spoken word adapatation of
The Wiz, enitled "What It Iz" debuting in 2006. ‘

mischievous mix media millennium whip, Hanifah speaks with passion we
associate with Zora Neale Hurston and Amira Baraka.”

– Ntozake Shange


Theater: The Producer’s Club

358 44th Street (between 8th/9th aves)

A/C to 42nd Street (Exit 44th St.)

October 14-30 – For 3 Weekends Only!

Times: Fri. 8pm, Sat. 2pm/8pm, Sun. 2pm

Tickets: 20 In advance, $25 at Door, $15 Seniors

SPECIAL DISCOUNT if you recieved
this email from anyone of our sponsors Sucka For Life Members, Hip Hop
Theater Festival, Black Pride NYC or Ubiquita NYC. The discount
is only for the first weekend
and can be purchased at www.theatermania.com
with the following discount code: org999

is a full
length CD of original music featured in and inspired by the one woman
show Black Folks Guide to Black Folks. Listen to songs from the album
No plugins need.

Check out www.blackfolksguide.com

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Hop Theater Festival
, Wabi Sabi
, Ubiquita
, New York State Black Gay
(email), Black Pride NYC, Sucka
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is a Trust Life Release || Artwork: HWAR
|| Contact:



Temporary Relief of he Multi-Talented Blues


A Trust Life Release



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