Work and More Work

So I have been away for a minute, and my hits per week look a mess. I know I owe many of you a phone call but please DON’T DESERT ME CHILDREN! Not when I need you the most!


Seriously, things have been really insane with my paid gig, and also with putting things together for this book launch. Check out the finished website for Letters From Young Activists. The book is already available at your local bookstore. If we’re doing a book event in your town, please support the event by bringing some folks and buying your book from that bookstore. If there’s no book event in your town, please email me at so we can work something out. In addition, if you know book clubs, or university professors who teach stuff on Politics, any of the ethnic studies (Af-Am/Black, Latino/Chicano/Asian-Am, Native Am & Arab/Middle Eastern), or social movements, please hip them to the book as a possible teaching tool.

Lastly, I am also about to join the Clamor Magazine team as the Culture Editor. I think it will be a really great opportunity to shape a section of a magazine, give some folks an opportunity to cut their teeth in writing, and learn the magazine publishing thang for…who knows what may lie ahead…!!!

So those are some things I am up to. Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Work and More Work

  1. The book sounds like something I’ll get my academic types to look at here in L.A. Thanks for the notice! Hope things are cool in your world!

  2. Hi Kenyon,

    I was doing a bit of research this evening on the topic of gay marriage, and the black v gay community.

    I found your essay “Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?” (on the net) and read every bit of it.

    About 75% of the way thru, I thought to myself….”he’s making my head hurt”.

    Since you wrote that in 2004, I’m curious if your opinion remains the same or if you have faultered one way or the other.

    Of course, I did read it in its entirety and I will do so again, as it was simply too much for me to absorb in one sitting, but it gave me a multitude of points to ponder.

    I suppose the one thing I kept asking myself over and over was, “okay….so what do you think needs to be done?” to address such complex problems? What ideas do you have? What have you done to see your concerns are addressed, etc?

    Anyway, thanks for giving me something to think deeply about…I think I might have a bit better understanding of the reason/causes behind the divide between the gay v straight white/black community and the gay white/gay black community….and I suppose I have no clear answers either.

    Like you, I’ve never wanted to be “married” in the straight sense of the word/definition…..but I do wish we had some sort of legal binding contract if we wanted it.


  3. Wow This is Deep..I know all of this sounds good but if you really want to change yourself or someone important to you. If you need tarot cards in your life. If You can say no to all this tarot cards

    I am changing the way I live today ..Think it and believe it.. You can Change Your Life and Start Living Your Dreams Today..

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