A Witness to Langston’s Faggotry

…this just in from American Legacy Woman magazine,”sister” companion (read: lite, much slimmer version) to American Legacy Magazine, a black historyperiodical: from the article “Living Out Her Legacy,” by Wickham Boyle, detailing the life of Abigail McGrath, niece ofHarlem Renaissance writer Dorothy West–“My mother would say things like ‘Zora and Romare are coming,’ or ‘Langston did this and that,’ and she never would say their last names, as if I was supposed to know who they were. She would never say that they were famous,” says McGrath. “Once when I met Langston, he was with his partner, and he was very upfront abouthis homosexuality. I remember, when a biography was going to be written about Langston, he said that if itwasn’t open about his sexual preference, he would notallow it to be done. It never was. There was a lot of open homosexuality that I recall and it was not as accepted as it is today. So when I joke that I am one of the few children of the Harlem Renaissance, it is because Dorothy and Langston were gay and many others didn’t have kids.”

2 thoughts on “A Witness to Langston’s Faggotry

  1. It may be a little shallow, but I used to say Langston Hughes was my favorite poet and secretly it was because he was gay. Give me a break, I was only seven. Now I understand that he was truly talented and revolutionary.

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