Donate to Chicken Bones

Hey Y’all. I am beginning to pull it back together. Letters From Young Activists is out and is going into it’s 2nd Printing after only about 10 weeks of it’s initial release (You can still buy it, so don’t let that hinder you.). I am editing my first Culture Section with Clamor Magazine, whcih will be out in March, and working on grad school applications at the same time. But things are settling down a bit, and I can now revive this blog!

In any case, I am coming to you because something very dear to me needs our help. Chicken Bones: A Journal was started by it’s current editor, Rudolph (Rudy) Lewis, as a place for people to publish pieces by, about, and for Black people. He has been doing this out of his own pocket for several years, and it has grown into a very impressive site that gets thousands of hits a month, more than a million a year. When I couldn’t get Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?published anywhere else, Chicken Bones was there. The same for here for more information.

2 thoughts on “Donate to Chicken Bones

  1. Kenyon,

    I am such a fan.

    I adore you. And I promise to read your blog more often.

    But also, I would like to chat with you about writing and publishing and grad school, too. I am pretty isolated and don’t feel like I have anyone to talk to about that kind of stuff.

    Just reaching out,

    Quentin Ergane

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