When the Stars Know Too Much

As dedicated as I am to Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone, I sometime catch up on the Scorpio goings-on from Rob Breszny’s Free Will Astrology. Today, my horoscope from Brezsny for the upcoming week is frighteningly accurate…

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): In her San Francisco Chronicle column, Leah Garchik reported that a woman shopping at a local Safeway grocery store had heard “Blitzkrieg Bop,” a snarling anthem by the Ramones, playing over the loudspeaker. Was it an unfortunate development that besmirched the integrity of the seminal punk band or a welcome sign that what was once raw rebel squawk is infiltrating the mainstream? You’re ready to entertain an analogous question that pertains to your own personal quest for authenticity, Scorpio. Should you compromise a little so as to inject your influence into a setting where it’s desperately needed? Or should you remain aloof and pure, content to affect mostly just those who already agree with you?

Spoooky, huh?

3 thoughts on “When the Stars Know Too Much

  1. Why not break it down for us a little. Or “be specific,” as the English teachers say. Are you thinking about becoming involved with a particular group (or individual) and said involvement would necessitate banking that famous fire? Or are you, more generally speaking, frustrated with how sparse the congregation always is during your sermons and wondering how to fill up the church??? Just wondering.

    Kai in NYC

  2. I this you, Mr. Wright?

    I think the best way to describe my situation of late is this:

    I am applying to graduate school for the MA in Journalism. Now, do I “keep it real” and go into hard-hitting urban reporting and become a movement celebrity? Or do I become an entertainment jorunalist and write about Fashion, but use my money to support Movement work?

    That’s kind of an oversimplification, but the best metaphor to support what I am thinking…


  3. No, I’m not this Wright everyone thinks I am (can’t there be more than one black “Kai” in NYC? lol). Just a stranger interested in what you have to say. I guess my next question would be: removing–for arguement’s sake–every other consideration (realness, the “necessity” to be politically engaged, money), which one interests you most?

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