Abortion & Black Folks: Call for Submissions

Because life without options is reduced to survival and because choice has never been at odds with life, we invite you to join us in telling our stories as we transform an epidemic of invisibility, secrecy, and shame into a culture of self-love, support, and healing. Rowe Vs. Wade – What’s that got to do with black folks? When is abortion about choice, for whom, and under what circumstances? Choice – a word that implies options – has become automatically linked with the movement for women’s rights to safe and legal abortions.

A project that seeks to answer these question is putting out a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS of poetry, prose, fiction, photography and other forms of creative expression.

Although legalization might provide one protection from institutional criminalization (jail), does it really equate to safety (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, political)? What about the lack of resources to help folks process through and heal from abortion? What about making certain that should one choose to give birth, they have adequate resources to raise a healthy child? What about women who choose to terminate pregnancy not being shamed, made to feel guilty, and alienated from their spiritual selves and communities? What about folks not being forced into a decision by their parents, lovers, and/or circumstance? What about information on natural abortions as well as access to loving and caring practitioners? Choice is more than just access to a procedure–it is about wholistic access to resources. This as-of-now untitled work in progress is a project of Urban Healing. It is intended as a literary and creative speak-out honoring our experiences, examining situations, challenging thought processes, and transforming circumstances.

If you’d like to contribute please send all submissions to urbanhealing@hotmail.com and/or Upset Press/ Att: Hermon Getachew/ P.O. Box 200340/ Brooklyn, NY 11220 by April 25th, 2006. Please include a bio detailing your name, age, how you identify, reliable contact information, and whatever else you’d like to share. If you’d like your submission to be anonymous, please note and your information will be kept confidential. Submissions will not be returned.

Urban Healing is a self-healing initiative with emphasis on women of color and our physical, mental, and spiritual health through the study and implementation of nature based/wholistic healing practices. We use herbalism, personal support work, mediation/conflict resolution, bodywork, health education, and other healing arts to transform ailments plaguing us and the world. Although Urban Healing has used these tools to address issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, post and pre abortion trauma, community racial tension and more, we also use these tools to help us embrace and learn ourselves and each other. Urban Healing comes from the belief that we are more than acts of defiance and that the ways in which we transform energy must not be defined by the very circumstances that make that defiance necessary.

Urban Healing is guided by the understanding that the practice of freedom demands the courage to give and accept love while loving demands the courage to heal. Urban Healing is a celebration of self-determination.

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