100 Flowers: A (New) Journal of Insurgent Culture

100 Flowers: A Journal of Insurgent Culture

Who We Are

100 Flowers is a free journal of insurgent culture and politics. Taking our cue from Mao’s famous quote “Let one hundred flowers bloom, let one hundred schools of thought contend” 100 Flowers will highlight the diversity of tactics within the struggles for black, queer, and women’s liberation, anti-imperialist rebellions and revolutionary cultural formations.

100 Flowers will serve as a hothouse for counter-cultural criticism, creating a dialogue space between artists, conscious political organizers and community to intervene in the politics that is shaping our country.

The goal of 100 Flowers is to articulate a vibrant vision of socialism for the 21st century. As such, we will draw on the traditions of artists and freedom fighters like James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Malcolm X, Antonio Gramsci, Tony Kushner, Octavia Butler, Frida Kahlo, The Black Panther Party, Angela Davis, bell hooks, Samuel Delaney, Herbert Marcuse, outernational,The Coup, Rage Against the Machine , Suheir Hammad, among many others.

100 Flowers is a project of the Institute for 21st Century Socialism, a grassroots, non-affiliated research collective seeking to broaden the idea of socialism in oppressed communities.

What We Want

100 Flowers is now accepting submissions for its first issue, slated for publication May 2006. Each issue will feature book, film and music criticism, artist interviews, and in depth news articles. We will also accept photographers and illustrations. At the time we will not publish poetry, except at the editorial board’s discretion.

Book, Film, Visual Arts and Music Criticism

100 Flowers primary focus will be on arts criticism. We believe that criticism is integral in the creation of new art formations. We distinguish criticism and reviews by looking at the following questions:

How does this piece of work fit in the current political moment?
What contradictions does it reveal?
How does it inform the work of conscious political organizers?

We will also publish interviews with groundbreaking artists, writers and musicians ignored by the mainstream media. However, 100 Flowers will not solely focus on progressive/revolutionary artists. We want cultural criticism also dealing with artists that are not identified with movement politics, ranging from Ralph Ellison to Maroon Five.

We will also publish interviews with groundbreaking artists, writers and musicians ignored by the mainstream media.
As a monthly, 100 Flowers will be able to support more in-depth cultural writing(750-2,000 words) and special issued (i.e.-a yearly review of books, music issue, etc.)

100 Flowers will also feature special sections such as “Style Wars” a fashion spread, as well as shorter music reviews and commentary.

News Article Ideas
The news articles will focus on political developments and how they manifest themselves, socially and culturally.

Education for Liberation: Looking at the ways resistance movements have created alternative means of education to support revolutionary struggles.

Survival Pending Revolution: The advantages and problems of “pimping the system” as well as the ethnics of looting and the creation of community survival programs

The Corporate City: How gentrification is killing the arts in the city; race and the whitewashing of urban centers

Future of Women: Where is the feminist movement going? What does sexual freedom mean in the age of Bush/Ashcroft? Qhat does it mean to be a women in the 21st century and withering of the boundaries of gender.

History of Revolutionary Movements: Short reviews of historical revolutionary movements like DRUM (Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement), the automista movement in Italy,etc, and historical figures like George Jackson.

We are also seeking news articles that take the form of criticism of political science and philosophy books, as well as interviews with political organizers

To Get Involved

To submit an article, questions or comments, please send an email to kazembe@gmail.com