A Prison Activist Loses Son to Medical Neglect

I have had the opportunity to meet Ms. Roberta Franklin. She is an activist and radio show host in Montgomery Alabama who works bravely and tirelessly on behalf of prisoners in the state. She has been a friend of Critical Resistance, and I got this very bad news today.
It is with a heavy heart that I bring this message to you. Radio Show host Roberta Franklin’s son died this morning at 3:30 a.m. It all started when he had a medical condition that was ignored in prison. It turned into an infection around his heart which was never treated until after he was released as I understand it. That is what brought Roberta to be one of the outstanding activisits in the country for prisoner medical neglect. This is why she is so attached to the work of the mothers in the UNION. She literally wiped up the floor with the politicians and Alabama prison administrators. Not an easy thing to do for a black woman living in Alabama.

Her son was a very young man and he suffered in the hospital a very long time before passing on. My heart is breaking over this, believe me, Roberta is a dear friend who has paid too high a price for her work as a prisoner advocate and journalist.

When she is in a better place, I will get all the details and write a column about this but at the moment she is engulfed by grief.

Please don’t send flowers but DO send her some money to help with the burial costs. She didn’t ask for it but I know that no one who is a prisoner advocate gets rich from this grueling work. If everyone in the UNION sent her $5 that would really add up and help tremendously. The radio show that she does for everyone which was so effective that it almost landed her in prison is unpaid work. I can imagine no pain more blinding than the loss of a son by medical neglect.

Family and Friends of People Incarcerated
Roberta Franklin, Director
2243 Ajax Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36108

——————-This is Roberta’s website link.

1 thought on “A Prison Activist Loses Son to Medical Neglect

  1. Hello, I am feeling much better after two years of grieving. It seems the man who persecuted me, Troy King is a big hypocrite. God does not sleep. We all reap what we sow. I cannot thank you enough for all fo your love and support over the years. Feel free to contact me. E-mail me and I will give you my number. Thanks Kenyon

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