Campaign to Stop Firestone’s Exploitation in Liberia

Hello all. I know I have been extremely lax in keeping up my blog, but I am going to try to get better at it. I promise. I’ll update you all on my life soon.

In the meantime, I got this in from an African woman journalist who interviewed Angelique Kidjo for the Summer 2006 International issue of Clamor Magazine. The issue is very important to me of late. I have begun to get (re)invested in what is politically happening in West Africa. In addition watching all the recent coverage of the mass demonstrations on behalf of “immigrant rights” and not seeing any thought or interest in the situation of the 1 million African immigrants (nor Black immigrants from the Caribbean or Lation America for that matter)in the US, it is more apparent to me the necessity of Black specific political formations, organizing, analysis, etc.
In any case, exploitation of the enviroment and of people and their labor happens in Africa! In this case, Firestone, the rubber/tire manufacturer in Liberia. Robtel has been working to expose the situation both with a campaign and with her writing. Read On!
Hello all:

In collaboration with stalwarts of the Liberian human rights community, I have recently started campaigning to expose the American corporation, Firestone, for its pillaging of my country’s rubber wealth.

A court case that will open next Monday, April 3, pits Firestone against Liberian plaintifs and charges the corporation with environmental degradation, violation of child labor laws, and human rights abuses.

Please visit Stop Firestoneto read more about the case. I encourage you to also sign the online petition, in addition to flooding Firestone’s mailboxes with letters of condemnation (if you feel so inclined).

You can also access a column I wrote in The Washington Informer Newspaper about the case and campaign:Modern Day SLavery in Liberia

Please spread the word.

In peace and solidarity,
Robtel Neajai Pailey

1 thought on “Campaign to Stop Firestone’s Exploitation in Liberia

  1. hi kenyon
    thank for your concerns.
    I, myself have seriously worried about the pollutions of firestone to its particular environment. if we can only retrospect what that community will be like in the next five years from now. it is left with we the youth to take up the initiative to move ourselve and our environment forward instead of behaving like our leaders of today who close their mouths on htings like these as if they do not see them simply because of the stapping they do recieve from these institutions.
    It is left with us as youths not to be lovers of money but to serve as icons of change in this new Liberia.

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