PlayStation’s Racist ASS Ad

It’s been along time since I blogged. I know. It’s been a busy summer. I moved in with my boyfriend of three years, and have been working on several other projects, which has kept me from this blog. However, when I enter grad school this fall in Journalism at CUNY, I will be blogging all the time.

But a friend sent something to me today so disturbing that I felt I had no choice.

It appears that Sony Playstation is running an ad in the Netherlands that pissed me off to the point of having to write about it.

The ad is announcing the new Playstation Portable product coming out in a new white design, as oppposed to the original black line, and as you can see, uses human bodies to personify the switch. A white woman is clutching the jaw of a Black woman in a threatening manner, and the copy for the ad declares, White Is Coming.

In an interview with, a representative of SONY defends the ads, and denies any racial overtones. The representative states “All of the 100 or so images created for the campaign have been designed to show this contrast in colours of the PSPs , and have no other message or purpose.”

I suppose that because they have 100 different treatments for this ad campaign that we’re supposed to excuse it? Hell to the naw!

Tell SONY what YOU think:

Sony Computer Entertainment America
PO Box 5888San Mateo, CA 94402-0888
800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)
M-SAT 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. PST. Sunday 7:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m

8 thoughts on “PlayStation’s Racist ASS Ad

  1. My mouth dropped open when I saw this. I am not sure if I am more shocked that they actually think this ad is OK or that when asked they seemed so unphased by it. It really says some very ugly things about Sony and what they think about people in general. Not good.

  2. Woah!!!

    At first, I couldn’t see the black woman because there wasn’t enough contrast… and then you mentioned it, and the penny (and my jaw) dropped.

    This is highly disturbing. Don’t these people know there are still race riots going on? What marketing bright-spark dreamed this one up? Was he a Grand Supreme Tinkerbell for the KKK in a previous life? Have they ever heard of “corporate responsibility,” admittedly a term which is all but an oxymoron in today’s pay-per-case legal culture?

    It is hard to dismiss this as merely stupid when it so eloquently speaks of malice. Sony have a lot of questions to answer about this, and they had better preface those answers with “we are pulling this campaign permanently and immediately, with unreserved apologies”.

    Over a century of violent, impulsive dominance and now people (“marketroids”) want us to unlearn the vital truth of shared humanity. Ironically, instead of making white physiology a virtue they have rendered it a tangible badge of shame.

  3. SONY YOU SUCK! This ad is racist and I am 100% sure the creators of the ad are aware of it. I am tired of racist people playing dumb and acting as if their actions are innocent with no bad intention. Give me a damn break. It truly saddens me to know that there are still so many ignorant idiots.

  4. Peace.
    This is interesting. I didn’t make me upset…i was more less shocked. Before finishing the article, i tried to imagine what city in America they would be bold enough to throw this up in. None, the people at Sony no better. They pulled this shit in the Netherlands where they thougt they where safe. But, i have to ask myself, is it that surprising? Where talking about a company that manufactures video games that glorify and exploit the concept of “hood adventures,” complete with narcotics, crooked police and the lasted “gangsta rap” record as the soundtrack. Grand Theft Auto is racist as hell to me but that shit is all good to many. Sony and the rest of ’em will continue to do what the hell thy want until people stop puttin they money behind ’em. period.

  5. Thanks for commenting on this folks. I have seen alot more people blog about this, since I posted it (if I do say so myself).

  6. I don’t really understand… why you are making so much wind around this ad… I own a PSP and find this AD funny.. If you see any racial context in it… then i feel really sorry for you… Of course the could take someone paintad in black and take the picture… would be even more fun… but really where is your imagination???… THIS IS NOT RACISM!!… Ones i brought to a party 5 kg bannanas… (it was winter and i wanted to bring some summer and sun in to the winter darknes) .. yeah… the girl having the party was afrikan… belive it or not… she got ofended.. sorry people… CHILL.. and RELAX…

  7. N-Word, Negro, Nigger, Neger, Nigga.
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    But Only A Black Can Call Another Black A Nigga, So I Don’t Add Racists Ass Blacks.
    You Are A Racists Ass Black!

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