The View Harasses Brandy

It seems as though without one Black woman on board to keep them in check, the women of The View don’t know personal space, boundaries or simple codes of behavior.

Apparently R&B star Brandy was on the show, and rumor has it her two appearances as co-host fo the past week were a kind of an on-air interview, as a possible replacement for Star Jones. This may be true, but upon watching, I was appalled at the manner in which Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked Brandy any and all kind of inappropriate questions. The worst moment was when Barbara asked Brandy if her hair was real, and at the same time, stuck her hand up in Brandy’s hair.

Is she crazy?

The producer must have whispered something in their earpieces, or perhaps they notcied how uncomfortable they were making Brandy (though I doubt they were that self-observant), because they backed off en masse and began to make jokes about how poorly they were behaving towards their guest. Joy Behar, then responded that perhaps that that was why they were dwindling in numbers.

This shit reminds me of being in prep school/college/at work with white people who have not learned that Black people are not dolls, toys, or animals — there to entertain them.

Don’t beleive me? Watch the video:

5 thoughts on “The View Harasses Brandy

  1. thanks for posting this. first of all, having a video edited down that isolates the incident is really good, because it allows us to really see racism that for most white people seem subtle, but is probably very apparent to many black women.

    i imagine watching this show and not thinking twice about the racism implicit in the white hosts’ objectification of her.

    the overt intentions aren’t racist, but it’s obvious they aren’t thinking about the long history of white people sexualizing and exotifying black women. us white people need to be ever conscious that it isn’t necessarily our intentions but the impact we have.

  2. This video has really been an eyeopener and will probably get me to pay more attention to these subtle forms of discrimination.

    Personally though I avoid physically touching anyone who is not: a) a significant other b) a close friend or family member c) a patient
    and I think The View needs to learn to do the same.

  3. great quote, Maxjulian. I’ll tuck that one under my hat.

    I wonder if Brandy is considering replacing Star Jones-Reynolds? I wonder if she feels tokenized at all, or that she will be treated as a doll of some sort, used to further the aims of the white people who own the View and its broadcasters? I wonder if she will be able to provide a voice of any kind through all the white women conservative bullshit that show regularly spews forth? I wonder if watching a strong black woman get fired from the show for doing an interview without network approval would deter her at all?

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