Condoleezza Rice’s Legacy

Since the Israeli attack on Lebanon, people have been pointing fingers and Secretary Condoleezza Rice. I took the US 23 days of bombing–leaving 550 Lebanese and 70 Israelis dead–to backpeddle on their initial policy, delivered by Secretary Rice, that they wanted to ensure a lasting peace agreement could be reached before calling for a cease-fire. Now how in the hell are you supposed to reach a peace agreement while you’re still lobbing bombs over at each other? Does that make any kind of damn sense to anyone? And yet, I never heard any media ask that question – cuz it seems so basic to me.

But I digress. The point is, the “policy” of the US was clearly a failure when last week, Israel attacked a apartment building killing 60 some-odd civilians, people really began to wonder what Rice, as head diplomat, would be. More on that later cuz I gotta run…

Anyhow, I found this commentary by journalist Deborah Mathis really interesting.

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