Grad School

Has it been a month? Well, I been busy. I just started journalism school two weeks ago. It’s really interesting and i am learning alot. I am trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do once I graduate. It seems that journalists are supposed to be objective -if such a thing exists-and I have written (and published) so much political work, unabashedly opinionated, that news organizations may take me as some crazy person, who will bring the esteemed “fourth estate” to its knees because I don’t pretend to not have an opinion about the world, and have no interest in the direction of things. Now, ahve you ever read a publication, seen a TV new program and weren’t left with some sense of that organization or reporter’s ideology?

So what’s a propagandist like me to do? I guess finish the damn degree and see what shakes out. Looks like it’ll be off to a PhD–since people with ideas like me are unfit for public consumption. LOL!!! I love pretend self-deprecation.

Any thoughts?

In the meantime, check out this really interesting piece about the closing of the Stonewall bar in NYC from John Koblin at the NY Observer.

2 thoughts on “Grad School

  1. I did the reverse of what you’re doing. I went to j-school, then went into PR, for the same reason. I too have a definite viewpoint and couldn’t be “objective” if I tried.

    Maybe you’ll gravitate back to propagandizing, but just do it even better.

  2. j-school seems intense for those left inclined…that articles is good. I am amazed by the brazen white supremacy people throw around, the audacity to claim a space they didnt build or fight for really….

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