Trangressing Boundaries Reading: Oct 18

Hey you all! Hope you can make it out to this reading I am doing here in NYC next week. I am going to read some stuff I rarely read, so there will be no gay marriage and no hip-hop, and probably no Condi Rice pieces, so you should definitely check it out. Details below:

Trangressing Boundaries: A LITERARY READING WITH AN AGENDA. Join us for a night of fiction and poetry and essays, and lots of stuff that straddles genres, packed with dangerous doses of sex and politics, from some of New York City’s finest writers and special guests from far beyond.

Wednesday, oct 18th, at 7 PM
Housing Works Bookstore cafe
126 crosby st, nyc, 10012

For more information, contact Sam J. Miller at

Featured writers include:

James Tracy is the author of Sparks and Codes a collection of poetry published by Civil Defense Poetry. He has toured throughout the United States and Canada as part of the Molotov Mouths Outspoken Word Troupe. An anti-poverty organizer, he is also the editor of The Civil Disobedience Handbook and The Military Draft Handbook both published by Manic D Press.

Kenyon Farrow is a writer and activist living in Brooklyn, NY. Kenyon is an essayist, and his work covers the issues involving Black queer culture, politcs, music and social movements. He is the Culture Editor of Clamor Magazine, co-editor of the book Letters from Young Activists, and blogs at

Viet Dinh received his undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and his MFA from the Unversity of Houston, where he served as fiction editor for Gulf Coast. At no point in the past did he serve as Assistant Attorney General for the Bush Administration or as a prostitute (if one can indeed make that distinction). His stories appear or are forthcoming in Zoetrope: All-Story, Threepenny Review, Fence, Indiana Review, Michigan Quarterly Review, and the Chicago Review, among others.

Sam J. Miller is a writer and a community organizer. His work has been published in numerous zines, anthologies, and print and online journals. He lives in the Bronx with his partner of five years. When he’s not writing or working, he’s binging on old movies and punk rock.

Gil Fagiani co-hosts the monthly open reading of the Italian American Writers’ Association at the Cornelia Street Cafe. In 2004, his collection of poetry Crossing 116th Street: A Blanquito in El Barrio, was published in Skidrow Penthouse. In 2005, Rooks, a book inspired by his four years at Pennsylvania Military College was published by Rain Mountain Press, and he won an Honorable Mention for both the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, and the Bordighera Prize.

Pat Harris is a community activist in San Francisco who has organized for affordable housing and is currently building a new anti-violence organization in the Western Addition’s African-American Community. She is the President of the Iroquois Hotel Tenant Association.