The White Rapper Show

This new reality show on VH1 can be summed up in a few sentences.

  1. White rappers arguing about realness, and who’s “true” to the hood.
  2. White rappers using the N word.
  3. Female rappers calling dudes B*****S.

I’m over ALL rappers arguing about realness.

In fact, I am officially over rap.

But I do like this song…Talib Kweli’s Listen.

2 thoughts on “The White Rapper Show

  1. Ive been working with some rappers lately. Im an “other” ethnically (black, chicano, french and english heritage). but I suppose i am only a white/anglo/cracker (chris rock rocks). my love and admiration for rappers of all levels of ability is strong. I think that if crackers are goin to “rap” they should not appropriate the essence or outer trappings of rap but should come up with something that is similar but different. they could call themselves white bread crackers instead of N….s and realize that unless they have a real “hood” story to tell (and I don’t mean Orange County middle america hood drama) then they should stick to pop music and heavy metal or create a new genre for themselves that is maybe based on rap but not a direct rip off cheap imitation. leave rap to the trapstars and men and woman who can bring the despair, joy, anger, beauty and meaning of being a young black person in amerika to life through their poetry and music. Take Black Bird for instance or C. Storm both artists whose music delves deeply into the social and cultural realities they are faced with. A white rapper show is stupid and insulting to everyone’s intelligence and spirit.

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