The Roots of Latino/black Anger

People often talk about the tensions between black folks in the US and Latinos. Often on the Left, when people do talk about these real tensions, especially when raised by Black folks, are often told we are succumbing to the “divide and conquer” rule. You know, somehow to deal with our real diverging histories and tensions means that you have somehow allowed ole’ whitey to get in your head and twist your thoughts and feelings up and he can keep the great and oncoming revolution from happening cuz the Negroes just won’t shut up and get glad!

*sinister laugh*

Well, not quite.

In reality, white supremacy is precisely the problem. Please take a look that this controversial editorial from the LA TIMES by Rutgers University Lay Professor Tanya K. Hernandez, called “The Roots of Latino/black Anger.”

“Over the years, there’s also been a tendency on the part of observers to blame the conflict more on African Americans (who are often portrayed as the aggressors) than on Latinos. But although it’s certainly true that there’s plenty of blame to go around, it’s important not to ignore the effect of Latino culture and history in fueling the rift. ” READ THE REST HERE.

This one, I’d love your thoughts on…

1 thought on “The Roots of Latino/black Anger

  1. The economic and social fabric is constructed of a system of interactions. Power lies with knowledge and yet a sense of beauty is involved. Actually the bridge between philosophy and art is through the problem of beauty. I wonder if the problem between Latinos and Blacks is more one of fear of one group having power over another group than of any thing else and that fear is based in the aesthetics of the Latino culture. The whole of our instincts driving us to power is that of aesthetics. While some may write about art, music and entertainment, it is in the reaction to what is displeasing or fearful (the non beautiful) that we respond to in another individual or in a group-think manner.

    And then there’s that whole butterin up attitude towards those IN power. I guess that is whitey still (what a drag when its republicans and democrats and the wealthy) And that is where the problem lies. Between Beauty and Power the human race, lost in a technological wonderland of instantaneous gratification is losing its ability to respond to each other in a less than stellar way. The healing of this began in the 60’s has been sidestepped and mishandled and sabotaged by the powers that be………..using technology and the media. Pop culture contributes as much damage as repair so it seems that we have to step outstide of that parameter and move on a grass roots level. I don’t really know the answer.

    So, for me, it is becoming more and more obvious that (aesthetics) this is one of the crucial factors in the prejudice, racism and bigotry of the human race. Along with greed and fear our ability to see beauty is defined by our cultural inheritance. Most people I hope would think that the kind of article by Tanya Hernandez makes it clear that somewhere within the cultural inheritance of the Latino group there is some fear and loathing of blacks. This is again based in politically charged sense of beauty (what is right, what is true, what is good lookin what is agreeable to the senses and charged with emotion).

    We are attracted and repelled by certain aesthetic concerns. When these are not recognized as exterior to our humanity (environment instead of genetic), we use this attraction or repulsion to establish our own sense of self out of the Fear of the other instead of embracing the other as a new, radical and newly discovered form of beauty……building trust is imperative opening eyes to different types of beauty integral. Cultural traditions and how we view each other on the surface level devolves/ disintegrates into a hatred of that we don’t understand or of that which is considered less. Thus when Ms. Hernandez states:
    “that racism — and anti-black racism in particular — is a pervasive and historically entrenched reality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean. More than 90% of the approximately 10 million enslaved Africans brought to the Americas were taken to Latin America and the Caribbean “

    we can see what we r up against…………..long standing fear, prejiduce infused with the varying levels of emotion surrounding an other and the color / shade of his skin. My experiences in New Mexico and with Latinos for over 25 years has allowed me to see that even within the Latino community the dark skinned and more native looking Latinos are seen as lesser humans……(lots of lil jokes in bad taste) and I have heard American Latinos and Chicanos denigrate those of their own race who are dark skinned. Recently I read a great essay on Ghandi and how one of his battles was for those in India considered the untouchables. Can we really imagin a world where anyone of our own is considered that? If humans in their own ethnic group discriminate against each other we r in serious trouble.. this endless cycle verified and justified by cultural traditions must be broken apart. As a metanarrative it must be deconstructed at the grass roots level by the brilliant minds of each group ……….and fast too. We need to activate love and trust and follow a peaceful road.

    Does this article mean that if America had a black president (I pray for that day) that if he had a Latino vice-president there would be jealousy and tension instead of relief and joy and joining together?

    Does any of this make sense or am I just blowing hot air???????This was a difficult one and im still think n on it…….

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