House Music is OUR Music!

Many of you all know I’m a Househead. From way back. (And I don’t mean that canned, soul-less crap you find at most dance clubs, either. )

I just wrote my first (hopefully of many) articles on House music, this one for POZ magazine. This time focusing on what house music and house music culture has meant to Black gay men, especially those who are HIV+.

At a crowded club called shelter in downtown Manhattan, the lights are dim and the music is thumping. Conversation is impossible, yet communication thrives among the hundreds swaying and stomping to house music. Some sing along, others blow whistles or slap tambourines. It may not look like a typical HIV support group. But as HIV positive black gay men face rejection from their churches and communities, many turn to the dance floor to heal from homophobia and HIV stigma. READ ON…

4 thoughts on “House Music is OUR Music!

  1. Ah, Kenyon, this is lovely! It’s been fabulous just sitting back watching your intellectual and writing growth and development. Keep on keepin’ on, you know you’re my boy!

    Frank Roberts

  2. Like, duh, why am I just now checking here to see if you blogged about this? Now I’ll have to live some cute little anecdote just to leave a cuter comment! *LOL!*

    Well, I love you and I love talking to you about things that celebrate and edify us like house music with you. There is soooo much that we talked about that didn’t make that article. I’m not saying that like I’m surprised or anything, I’m just saying. There are so many nuances that they probably can’t fit that they just don’t get.

  3. Housing Works: Live From Home have our own blogspot and myspace now, so stop on by – we hope to see you soon…

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