Blogging Elsewhere

You think I post infrequently now?

Well wait until tomorrow. I begin blogging over at

The site is owned by the LOGO channel – the channel that airs my favorite show,

Noah’s Arc, which is in turn owned by MTV, which is in turn owned by Viacom.

I will be blogging about gay entertainment news, and writing other kinds of content for the website.

I will of couse be saving some of my more fiery work for you children over here,

but feel free to dig into what i will be doing over there.

My first blog will hit at noon on Monday. It will be about the Black gay sorority scandal.

See you on the other side.

Bono: More African than Africans

For the first time in its history, Vanity Fair is turning over the editorial pages of it

s magazine to U2 lead singer and philanthropist Bono.

For what, you ask?

He will be guest editor for their special July issue, which will be focused on Africa.

Not Nelson Mandela, or Iman, or Angelique Kidjo, or Djimon Honsou–even Kofi Annan.

All of whom are Africans who have done a wide variety of things to benefit the continent of Africa.


But I guess Bono is more African than Africans.

Hell, if Terese Heinz (Kerry) can be an African. Why not Bono.

(notice the dripping sarcasm.)

Read all about it.

Black Youth Speak…and Someone Listened

So many presumptions are made about Black youth. What they think about hip-hop.

What they think about sex. What they think about education and school.

But how may times are Black youth asked what they think and feel? And more than that, who listens.?

Cathy Cohen did.

The University of Chicago Professor of Political Science is working on a new study called the Black Youth Project,

which surveyed over 1600 Black youth about everything from rap videos to politics. Some of the responses are interesting, and will surprise some people. Continue reading

Open Letter to Mariah Carey

Dear Mariah –

You know what it’s like to have a fame induced breakdown. Please give Britney a call.


Your biggest fan,