Black Youth Speak…and Someone Listened

So many presumptions are made about Black youth. What they think about hip-hop.

What they think about sex. What they think about education and school.

But how may times are Black youth asked what they think and feel? And more than that, who listens.?

Cathy Cohen did.

The University of Chicago Professor of Political Science is working on a new study called the Black Youth Project,

which surveyed over 1600 Black youth about everything from rap videos to politics. Some of the responses are interesting, and will surprise some people.

I came across this orginally from a story in In These Times.

Some of the comments at the bottom from the white left,

are very indicative of the state of the white left, and remind me of something I wrote last year.

Dr. Cohen also wrote a book that I think should be required reading for anyone thinking or

writing about AIDS in the black community called Boundaries of Blackness.

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