Bono: More African than Africans

For the first time in its history, Vanity Fair is turning over the editorial pages of it

s magazine to U2 lead singer and philanthropist Bono.

For what, you ask?

He will be guest editor for their special July issue, which will be focused on Africa.

Not Nelson Mandela, or Iman, or Angelique Kidjo, or Djimon Honsou–even Kofi Annan.

All of whom are Africans who have done a wide variety of things to benefit the continent of Africa.


But I guess Bono is more African than Africans.

Hell, if Terese Heinz (Kerry) can be an African. Why not Bono.

(notice the dripping sarcasm.)

Read all about it.

1 thought on “Bono: More African than Africans

  1. Consider the magazine. Yeah, like their readers really want to read about Africa to begin with, let alone from an African.

    It’s the same reason Pat Boone did a cover of Little Richard’s “Tutti Fruiti.”

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