LaBelle is coming back!

Some people think of The Supremes as the premier female trio of the 1960s. But the 1970’s belonged to LaBelle. And according to AOL Black Voices (formerly and I’m not over it yet), Labelle is getting back together:

“An album is quietly being recorded in New York City bringing back together the talents of vocalists Patti LaBelle, Nona Hendryx and Sarah Dash, respectively.

A source close to the project has confirmed exclusively to us that Grammy Award rocker Lenny Kravitz has recorded three tracks, thus far, for the yet-to-be-titled opus, which will mark the trio’s first recording since 1976’s ‘Chameleon.'”

Labelle and Lenny? Does it get any better? Despite the fact that Lenny’s best album to date is his sophmore effort, 1991 Mama Said, and the last good one was 1993’s Are You Gonna Go My Way?, I think Lenny is a great producer. Madonna’s Justify My Love, Brandy’s Where Are You Now, and Cree Summer’s one and only album , Street Faerie. I would also love to hear Labelle be produced by other folks like Andre 3000, Angie Stone, Raphael Saadiq, Van Hunt, and Joi.

I am only gonna say this once, children. Labelle is more than “Git cha ya-ya here.” Lady Marmalade is hot, but you really need to get into You Turn Me On, Going On A Holiday, Nightbird, to name a few. These three women were pushing the boundaries of “acceptable” black womanhood in their song lyrics, their style (which the rock band KISS copied to create more of a buzz around their music), and the music arrangements itself–blending soul, funk, rock, r&b and gospel.

The band split in the late 70’s as each wanted to go in different musical directions, but I am glad to hear they’re back.

5 thoughts on “LaBelle is coming back!

  1. Whuuuut… No Prince up in that mix?…

    Well, P and Patti did hook up on her old joint “Yo, Mister how’s Your Daughter?” back in the day, and the two icons seemed to have a pretty cool relationship… I think that Prince is the most phenomenal, prolific, musical genius in popular culture today — and has been for roughly about the last 25 years… I’m certain he could contribute some funk and substance to that project.

  2. I love Prince. But is Prince NOW (Not P in 1989) gonna really bring it?

    I would also have throw Cee-lo and Sandra St. Victor/The Family Stand into the mix of people they should work with…

  3. As an original fan going way back to when they were known simply as ” The Bluebells” and singing “Down the Aisle” at The Uptown Theater in Philly- I’m glad to hear they’re recording again. The cover you have pictured was also one of my favorites from them. Especially their cover of “White Horses” by the Rolling Stones and the HOT! “Morning Much Better”.

    Though Patti has made some great solo music, I feel they were each better together than anything they did on their own.

    Their best album is “Pressure Cooking” – where they tear-up Gil Scot Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” pairing it with, “There’s Something in the Air.” It’s all about revolution! I’ve often wondered if Patti would dare sing that song today. Anyway, I look forward to the new CD.

  4. “Sandra St. Victor/ Family Stand” — Now there are some names I haven’t heard from in awhile… Awesome artists. And, yeah, I think they could work some LaBelle.

    I remember a song from one of their albums (can’t recall the name) entitled “Shelter” . Absolutely a beautifully song… used to make my eyes water to sing along with it… But don’t sell Prince short, bruthaman be bad when he wanna be…

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