Beanie Sigel. A Mind Is a Dangerous Thing to Waste

For all the activists who are committed to trying to salvage hip-hop, and who “pooh-pooh” women and queers for trying to tell you that there is a correlation between the misogyny and homophobia in the music/culture, and the levels of violence against women and queers in the black community, I offer to you Exhibit A.

Beanie Sigel, former Roc-A-Fella Records artist and founder of State Property Clothing (a subject worth a whole nother blog entry) discusses Kanye West and Pharrell, and suggests not only that they might be gay (which I am OK with), but goes further to say that guys who dress like they do will catch a beat down in the hood–a sentiment that seemed to be on the mind of the brothas who murdered Roberto Duncanson. So, the next time Russell Simmons or someone you know makes some excuse about these “poets” being a product of their environment, please point them here:

5 thoughts on “Beanie Sigel. A Mind Is a Dangerous Thing to Waste

  1. You know the first time I was actually exposed to this imbecile Beanie whateva-the-hell-his-name-is was when one of my more “ghetto” (don’t worry I’ll apologize later) cousins chose to stick his pathetic foray into film making, “State Property,” (I think) into her DVD player… After I’d stomached enough of his negative, gratuitously violent, exploitive, self-loathing, shameful celebration of damn near every negative Black stereotype, venomous degradation of my Black peoples, I told my lil’ cuz I had something better I could be doing with my time (like counting the molecules of water in my cup one-by-one); and politely drove my azz home…

    I knew then that this “poet” (yeah, I kept a straight face — but it wasn’t easy) was just another culturally poisonous, consciously subjugated, self-hatin’ Negro… All this pitiful interview does is confirm that the brotha STILL ain’t came in off the plantation…

  2. His opinion, as ignorant as it may be, it’s still his opinion. It seems like gays have a problem when people have an opinion about them. Whether it’s insulting, insensitive, ignorant, or whatever, who am I to judge. Everyone (not just gays) are entitled to their own OPINION.

  3. I didn’t say he wasn’t entitled to his opinion. The problem is that his opinion makes it’s way into records, and that translates into the boys who think they need to beat, stab, shoot or murder gay men because it’s sanctioned by music and a culture of violent hyper-masculinties. It’s easy for you to chalk it up as an opinion if you don’t have to fear walkin down the street if someone perceives you as gay. When you have that experience, or have been bashed, cussed out, or have people throw things at you from their cars, come talk to me about what opinions mean!

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