Straight Men Don’t Touch: On Manny Ramirez & Julian Tavarez

Have you ever noticed that straight men don’t touch each other, especially in the US?

Maybe that’s why the sportscasters on this Boston_____Sox (I don’t know. White or Red.) game are aghast at the manner at which Manny Ramirez is so affectionate with his teammate, Julian Tavarez.

Maybe they’re not straight. I am the first queen to tell folks, sometimes things look exactly as they are. And we need to recognize the whole world is not 100% heterosexual. And this does look a little bit like the opening scene of a Latino Fan Club or Pit Bull Productions film. If you look at the video around 1 minute in, another player passes in front of them and they seem to both look in the same direction of the ball player’s backside…

But maybe they are straight! I actually wish more straight men would get over their fear of touching other men (Have you ever seen straight men in a movie theatre on on a train sit next to one another without leaving an empty seat between them?). Maybe they’d be less likey to feel the need to beat and bash women, children, queers or men they percieve to be less man than they. So whatever the case, Manny and Julian, be not moved by the naysayers! Hug on! Caress on! Fondle on! Wrestle on!

(and if you’re interested in someone joining you, drop me a message…OFFLINE!)

7 thoughts on “Straight Men Don’t Touch: On Manny Ramirez & Julian Tavarez

  1. (and if you’re interested in someone joining you, drop me a message…OFFLINE!) I’m cool!

    And, why do gay men want heterosexual men to be gay or have gay fantasies? I’m not a gay basher, but I think you’re reaching a little too far on this one. I leave empty seats next to men like I would a woman…I don’t know you!

  2. First off, that was a joke. Although you cannot deny the level of affection in those shots does have something romantic or even sexual about it. We don’t really know whether those men are straight or not–we only have presumptions of which either way. And if you notice, I do suggest that I think it is healthy for straight men to have affectionate relationships with other men.

    As far as the seating thing goes, I was referring to people who know each other. Not total strangers.

  3. Now… If we could only find a similar clip featuring Reggie Bush & Dwyane Wade, I’d be as happy as Miss Celie in the last five minutes of “The Color Purple.”


  4. as a yankees fan, i’m supposed to hate the red sox. but i have to tell you, that video alone (minus the announcers’ stupidity) made me love them a little bit.

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  6. As a Red Sox fan, I’m not surprised at all by this. Manny is cooky. I don’t think he or Tavarez is gay. They’re latino and latin culture allows for more affection between men…nothing more and nothing less. There’s a saying amongst Red Sox Fans…..Manny being Manny. That’s what this is all about which is also why the announcers are in hysterics.

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