NYC PRIDE Update: The Parade and Pier Party are On!

So a few weeks ago I jumped on a story that NYC PRIDE, as organized by Heritage of Pride, Inc., was cancelled. I was wrong. Someone from their organization posted this in the comments under that blog entry:

To clarify, NYC Pride WILL be proceed as planned!!! It is the street festival that has been cancelled.

The people who volunteer at HOP do so because they believe in the importance of celebrating the LGBT community. Making Pride happen takes allot of work. We decided to do this because we refuse to be told what to do by the city, when it is obvious that the city is more than capable of supplying the services it says it can not on Saturday June 23rd. We are standing up for ourselves, our events, and our community.

So I got it wrong. The PRIDE March and the Pier Dance are going on as planned. It is only the street festival (known as PRIDEFEST) they were trying to move to Saturday, and move it up to Chelsea. So go and get your PRIDE on on Sunday, June 24. I emailed HOP and asked them to send me a statement saying PRIDEwould still go on, but they haven’t responded. I will be in Portland, OR that weekend giving a panel for my book, Letters From Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out” at the Universalist Unitarian General Assembly. Too bad I am missing Portland’s Black Pride by one week.

I am not sure I would have attended NYC PRIDE this year anyhow. I can’t stand the NYPD bull pens that pack people in and herd us like cattle with no way to determine which direction I want to head in. For those of you unfamiliar, you cannot cross any street to get to where you must go. You have to follow their prescribed street pattern-no matter how out-of-the-way it takes you. How can you have a parade (or a march or rally or demonstration) about liberation and be stuck in a bullpen and subjected to intense policing and surveillance?

I am surprised no major rioting or incidence have happened. I have been in those bullpens and it is extremely dehumanizing, and it puts every on edge. There simply is no way to feel empowered or to celebrate under such conditions. I am sure they know that.

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