TOMORROW: Audre Lorde Project Celebrates 10 Years

M. Jacqui Alexander & Colin Robinson To Speak on June 1st

ALP is excited to announce that M. Jacqui Alexander and Colin Robinson have joined the program for June 1st, Living a Legacy – ALP Celebrates 10+ Years.

(And since this is my blog, I am proud to announced that I, KENYON FARROW, WILL BE HOSTING THE FUNCTION!!!!)

Buy Your Tickets for living a legacy Today!

Buy on-line at, use the ”Donate Now” Button to donate the amount of your ticket(s). use code ALP10 as the Designation for your gift. RSVP at

* * *

The Audre Lorde Project Presents:

living a legacy:

Celebrating Action, Imagination and Struggle

Join us in honoring 10 years since we opened our doors.

Learn how it all started and where we are headed!

friday, june 1st 2007

6:00pm Food and Gallery

7:30pm Performers and Speakers

ticket info

$25, $50, $75, $500, $1,000

Reservation and Questions: or 718-596-0342 x15

Buy on-line at,

use the ”Donate Now” Button to donate the amount of your ticket(s). use code ALP10 as the Designation for your gift.

hosted by:

Kenyon Farrow

performances by:

Lavender Light Gospel Choir and House of Ninja


Joo-Hyun Kang

Robert Vázquez-Pacheco

Colin Robinson

Bran Fenner

Shash YázhÍ

Lidell Jackson

Sung E Bai

M. Jacqui Alexander


Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church

85 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, New York


host committee:
Achebe Powell • Alvin Starks • Amu Ptah • Atif Toor • Bran Fenner • Carmen Chiong • Carrie Davis • Cathy Cohen • Chandan Reddy • Christine Lipat • Colin Robinson • Dean Spade • Debanuj Das Gupta • Don Kao • Ellen Gurzinsky • Eve Rosahn & Marian Banzhaf • Glen Francis • Imani Henry • Javid Syed • Jesse Ehrensaft-Hawley • John Manzon-Santos • John Won • Joo-Hyun Kang • Jorge Irizarry • Julia Beatty • Karina Walters • Katherine Acey • Kenyon Farrow • LeiLani Dowell • Leslie Feinberg • Lorraine Ramirez • Mara Keisling • Mark Reyes • Mohan Sikka • Nguru Karugu • Regina Shavers • Richard Burns • Rickke Mananzala • Shash Yázhí •Sheila Stowell •Soniya Munshi • Sophia Silao • Sung E Bai • Svati Shah • Vanessa Agard-Jones • Yul-san Liem

* * *

the “we’re-still-fabulous” after-party
10+ years of organizing!

friday, june 1st, 2007
Southpaw 125 Fifth Avenue & Sterling Place, Brooklyn.

Doors open at 11pm.

we spinning R&B, electroclash, hip hop
DJ Ang
DJ Andre the __________
DJ Designer Imposter

$5 w/event ticket
$10 w/o event ticket

more info. call 718-596-0342 x10

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