Grease up! Take the Lube Survey

Rectal MicrobicidesDudes and dudettes!!!

Cats and cat-ettes!!!

When you’re feelin warm for someone else’s form, and you need some, shall we say, assistance with loosening up the doors to ecstasy, what’s your favorite lube (or lubricant)?

WHY? Right now, lubricants do not need to be tested for safety before being sold. Some lubes commonly used for anal sex may not be as safe as others. By filling out the short survey, you will help scientists prioritize the next round of lubes that should be tested. Also, you will be giving valuable insights to researchers working on a new prevention technology called rectal microbicides.

The folks over at the International Rectal Microbicide Working Group are doing some research to develop a microbicide that will not only protect against STI’s (sexually transmitted diseases) including HIV, but will also give you the same sensation and have the right viscosity you need to for you, or the one you’re getting close to “when the moment is right (like the erectile dysfunction commercials say!).

And this ain’t just for the gays, mind you. I know lots of lesbians and straight women who use lube for whatever itch they need scratched. Lord knows that straight boys are not immune from needing a lil anal stimulation er-y now and then—and it’s OK fellas! All my queers and trannies and gender nonconforming peeps are up in the mix too.

Basically, if you’re tryin to get laid and have used lube to moisten your (or somebody else’s) services, you need to take the survey!


Gay boys? You can also go to the LIFELUBE site.

There are already 4000 people from across the globe whom have taken it, and they’re trying to get as many people to take it before they close the survey July 31. I hope they do something about the smell of lube too. Nothing worse than trying to relish in post-coital bliss, and have to deal with the awful plastic-y smell of lube! Fierce.

What is the IRMWG?

Convened by the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, the Canadian AIDS Society, the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project and the Global Campaign for Microbicides in the spring of 2005, the IRMWG is currently a coalition numbering (as of March 19, 2007) nearly 400 advocates, policymakers and leading scientists from 35 countries on 5 continents working to advance a robust rectal microbicide research and development agenda. Scroll down to find out who is on the Steering Committee.

The IRMWG hosts a moderated listserv and sponsors regular international conference calls featuring presentations on the latest in rectal microbicide research. Cutting edge research on new prevention technologies like pre-exposure prophylaxis and male circumcision is also featured. All presentations are conducted by world-renown experts. Look to your right for materials from these presentations, as well as a number of other resources you are welcome to download. We encourage all of our members – and YOU – to use these resources to help create awareness in your communities around the need for safe and effective rectal microbicides.

NOTE: In all seriousness, there’s a debate in the microbicide world. Should research dollars prioritize vaginal microbicides, based on the fact that globally women are most severely impacted. There’s been a slow push for that even, because of politics and morality and all that bullshit. But other researchers and advocates have also wondered if more funding shouldn’t also go into rectal microbicide research, because men who have sex with men are also severely impacted, though more so in the US and in Europe. But part of the argument that the IRMWG is making is that not only gay men have, enjoy, or desire anal penetration. Therefore a microbicide should have all your orifices covered. And if you can’t get a one-shot deal, then two separate products will do for now…

2 thoughts on “Grease up! Take the Lube Survey

  1. Thanks for posting on this!
    We will need different microbicides for the vagina and for the rectum. It is very likely that one product will not be both safe and effective for both areas. To learn more about research, development and advocacy around rectal microbicides, please visit the homepage of the International Rectal Microbicide Working Group at www. We would love to include you in our efforts!

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