BET Awards Wrap-Up

OK. I am in an airport right now but I wanted to sum up the BET Awards in a few sentences to give you a taste. If you saw it, feel free to comment as well. If you missed it and have cable–you know BET, it will be on again…and again…and again…! LOL!!!!

Mo’nique: Was the host again this year, after Damon Wayans‘ offensively bad snoozefest the year before. I like Mo’nique. I thought she was a good host. Her clothes were fab, she’s funny and knows how to keep it movin. I thought her send-up of Beyonce was a little stale. I mean, she did it two years back with “Crazy In Love,” and it was fab. Twice? Not so much.

J-Hud & J-Hol: Jennifer Hudson and Jenifer Holliday joined each other on stage to sing “And I am Telling You.” It was great to see and hear both of them together, and to put aside the drama and speculation of backstabbing that came with this film version of Dreamgirls.

Gerald Levert Tribute: I have to say, as cheesy as the song “Wind Beneath My Wings” is, I got a lil teary eyed watching Eddie Levert of the O’Jays sing this song about his departed son. Gladys Knight joined him onstage, and then Ms. Patti Labelle, who wore the kids out and Gladys eventually put down her microphone because Patti carried. Oh! I forgot Yolanda Adams was a part of it too, but who can keep track? Patti was onstage!

50 Cent: Brought tacky to a new level low. I am not a prude, but 50 Cent’s performance was so misogynist and gross I wanted to puke my guts out. What made it even worse was watching him curse and get bleeped out while he was meandering thru the audience, passing Ms. Diana Ross while he’s cuttin de fool. I know I got a potty mouth, but that juxatposition did make my stomach churn, and I am still old fashioned enough (and 50 and I are in the same age range) that you just don’t behave so in front of your elders.  It just made me think of all the things Diana Ross and the Supremes (and by extension, Motown) stood for in terms of trying to create images of Black people that we could be proud of. And while there’s a bunch of consumerist, upward mobility, poltiics of respectability up in all that, we now underestimate just how much those artists success and their images meant to black people at the time. As much as Tyler Perry weirds me out, seeing 50 do everything he could to be a offensive as possible (and it did seem very contrived), reminded me of that scene in Madea’s Family Reunion when Cicely Tyson and Maya Angelou are sitting on the porch and watching the young people in the family carry on, as if a slap in the face of everything they’ve worked to create. It really represented a low point in the annals of Black history. OK. I’m being dramatic. But it was pretty gross.

Diddy & Keyshia Cole: I love the song “Last Night,” but they looked like they coulda used another rehearsal. Seemed a lil slap-dash. And Lil Kim’s rhyme I couldn’t hear, and the three of them were stepping all over each other’s parts. Sloppy.

Beyonce & ’em Kelly Rowland: HOT!!!! B started off encased in this glod plaited cyborg getup and launched into “Get Me Bodied.” She brought Mo’Nique out again and they shook it up. THEN Kelly came out, looking OVAH!!!! She did her jam “Like This” and actually got me kinda hyped about the record.

Diana Ross Tribute: Alicia Keys did the tribute history piece, and I was looking forward to Crucial Keys ripping thru a Diana number, but she wasn’t seen again. My girl Erykah Badu did a real sexy version of “Love Hangover–I just wished she didn’t go for the 70’s camp in her costume–it was just kinda clumsy. BUT I LOVE HER ANY HOW. Then Chaka got on board for “I’m Comin’ Out ” and I gotta say Chaka was all over the place. I love her too, but I was very disappointed. But Stevie Wonder closed the segment with a so-funky-you-make-ugly-faces version of “Upside Down.” They KILLED IT!!! Diana’s kids all took to the stage and introduced her. her speech was very gracious, thanking both Berry Gordy and ALL the Supremes, and sent her love to Mary Wilson. The “the Boss” got fierce and said that she was tired of all the cursing and tackiness in today’s music, and she was living proof you could have longevity without being a mess. EAT YOUR HEART OUT 50! She’s the BOSS!!!

James Brown Tribute: Rev. Al Sharpton did the tribute portion. Public Enemy did a bunch of their songs that sample JB. They pretty much did the same thing they always do. SNOOZE.

OK. My flight is about to board. Bye!

5 thoughts on “BET Awards Wrap-Up

  1. Just read your comments. You are very negitive gurl. Go back and read your comments, but read them in sections as they are written, everything that was in your heart is on paper. Thank God the world does not work according to YOU!

    If I had a friend like you in my circle, you would be history. Wonder whats negitive about you, that WE dont know. Hmmmmm


  2. Well I was writing a critique of the show. I said what i liked and what I didn’t like. The only person I really came for was 50-cent…cuz I was totally disgusted by his performance. And, you read ONE blog entry and have decided my worth as a human being?

  3. Would have liked to have seen the Achievement Award for Diana Ross but the rest of the New Age in your face Ghetto Class I couldnt set through…Yes the class and cultural change The Supremes brought to this World seemed wasted when Black Entertainers get on stage and act like White people accuse them of…then they cry they are being treated unfairly…

  4. The entire awards show was worth sitting through to see the one and ONLY REAL STAR AND PERFORMER, MS ROSS…authentic lass and quality.

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