Hi-Five’s Lead Singer Tony Thompson Death Ruled An Overdose

Just a few weeks ago I was in my “buy the oldies but goodies” mode, and purchased one of my favorite 199o’s cuts, Hi-Five’s “I Like The Way (The Kissing Game).” Maybe it’s in bad taste to talk about this now, but that video was the first time I remember rbeing turned on by the sight of another man’s lips. Good Lawd!

I just learned today, that the lead singer Tony Thompson died in East Waco, Texas. He was only 31. The autopsy release over the weekend ruled the death an accidental overdose. From the Waco Tribune Herald:

“Rhythm-and-blues singer Tony Thompson, whose body was found near an air-conditioning unit outside an East Waco apartment complex earlier this month, died accidentally while “huffing” Freon, an autopsy report released Friday shows.

Dr. Reade A. Quinton, a medical examiner at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas, determined that Thompson, 31, died from “toxic effects of chlorodifluoromethane,” or inhaling a toxic amount of Freon.

Freon is a gas primarily used in refrigeration and air-conditioning units.

Thompson, a Waco native and former lead singer for the platinum-selling Waco quintet Hi-Five in the 1990s, was found dead outside an apartment complex June 1.”

Here’s a clip of the video and song that gave us one of the best R&B songs of the 1990’s:

12 thoughts on “Hi-Five’s Lead Singer Tony Thompson Death Ruled An Overdose

  1. I would like to suggest to the family of Tony Thompson to think about putting together a documentary on Tony. Behind the music or doing a tribute on BET. I think this process will help the family deal with the untimely death of Tony Thompson and to have some of closure for his fans. Kenyon, do you think that recording industry is a melting pot of problems for young artist coming up in the music industry? We hear stories of child actors problems with drugs. What about child recording stars in the musici industry?

  2. I think that this was very shocking!! Its sad that Tony had to go so soon and so early. I wonder if the using of drugs is common for people who once were so popular then go to being nearly has beens…. Its sad but life quite often throws schocking curves. The only thing to do is to pray, I know i have my share of HI-FIVE songs and memories of all the hits . I wonder what was so horrific in his life for him to persue drug abuse?

  3. Kelsey Gordon, I agree with your statement what was so horrific to indulge in huffing ferone of all things!! It is so easy for others to judge; but unless we walked in Tony Thompson shoes we will never know what really went on. He left behind a 15 year old son named Tevin. The only reason, I got involved in writing in to these blogs is to make sense of Tony’s death. I never knew him personally but I loved his voice.

  4. Unfortunately, many who were once showered with adoration, fame, money, etc., cannot adjust psychologically when these things come to an abrupt end. They then seek to medicate themselves in an attempt to cope with their losses. To that extent, we are all no different than Tony. Some just use food, alcohol or other means. One possible preventative measure is to take these mere “things” for what they are, i.e., transitory blessings from God which do not define who we really are on the inside or who we should be striving to become. Once put into this context we avoid the emotional devastation that occurs when God is ready to move us into other areas of life. My prayers to Tony’s family during their time of bereavement and to those whom Tony touched. He will be missed.
    ” And the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and lead them unto the living fountains of water: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.” Rev. 7:17.

  5. I am still upset over the terrible news of Tony’s passing.

    I have always cursed the entertainment industry and will continue to curse it for what it does to people. Not everyone is capable of dealing with the industry and the snakes that work in it, even the people who think their strong. This death should have never happened. It’s a shame that Tony did not experience the love that we are showing him now that he is gone. I believe that things would be different if he knew he was so loved.

    You are at peace now sweet angel. You can sing in the choir above where there is not hurt, no passing judgement and no pain.

    You’ll be missed but not forgotten.

    Good Bye Sweet Angel.

  6. Ms. Brown, you made a statement that Tony Thompson, might still be around if he knew that he was loved. I knew without a doubt that Tony’s family loved him a great deal;however,
    Tony had to first love himself in order to accept love from others. I think all artist need to have an advocate in place to enlighten them on the business itself. I think Mary J. Blige, stated that it is 90% business and 10% music.
    in the entertainment business if you don’t have your FAITH, GOD, family or a strong management team in place you tend to fall very quickly. I am writing into VH1 in hopes of getting a documentary of Hi-five, Troop and other artist aired.

  7. I am so hurt by this, because I was in love with Tony back in the day. I was listening to “Kissing Game”, and something said look them up and see what has happened to them, and then I read this….So hurt!!! I did get a chance to meet Tony years back when he came out solo, and he was a nice guy. I have some pics to remember him by, but I just can’t believe it. I was a true fan. I pray that his family, friends, and group members find peace and joy at some point, because he is a true angel.


  9. I just would like to say God bless this young man’s family and closes friends. I was born in the 70’s and my high school yours were the 90’s. I listen to the group Hi-Five and thought they had some very good music. Im very sad to find out that Tony died behind huffing. I use to get high until I found out I was only hidding or just didnt want to face up to my problems or situation in my life . what ever that an endividual is going through I guarntee you the drug will not help or solve the problem in fact it only makes it worse. I hope everyone will learn from this talented and gifted young man…(ACE)

  10. I know this is late, but I was just listening to Hi-Five a little while ago and I decided to go on the Internet and find out whatever happened to Tony Thompson. I’m very shocked and saddened about his death. It brought tears to my eyes. I can’t believe he’s gone. He is one of my favorite singers and I’ll really miss him. My favorite songs that he sung are ‘Faithful’, ‘Unconditional Love’, and ‘I Can’t Wait Another Minute’. May God be with his family and strengthen them for their loss. Much love to his family.

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