National Black Gay Coming Out Day: Donnie & Shemar Moore

Today, July 11, 2007 is now officially National BLACK Gay Coming Out Day. ALLEGEDLY!!!!

Jasmyne Cannick has a great interview with my future husband favorite soul singer Donnie today, which he directly comes out of the closet:

JC: Your favorite song to date and why?

DONNIE: “People Person” – Because of the message of who are we to give up on anybody. That’s why I said Saturday [Los Angeles Black gay Pride] that we need to accept folks who don’t even like us.

JC: Us?

DONNIE: Yes, Black gays.

DONNIE AGAIN: Being black and being gay has taught me that you’re the left hand of the left hand and your own people who ain’t perfect is preaching from the pulpit downing you and molesting their own daughters. Or then you have the straight Black men who hate people like me but are not taking care of their own kids and are out in the streets.

The National Equirer reported (I know. I use that term loosely) that Shemar Moore was spotted definitely nude, on a nude ALLEGEDLY GAY beach, in essence ALLEGEDLY outing my future ex-husband the television star and heartthrob. Perez Hilton got the pics.

Nobody told me it was National Black Gay Coming Out Day!

Well, guess what Mom…?

7 thoughts on “National Black Gay Coming Out Day: Donnie & Shemar Moore

  1. Shemar gay? straight? as far as I’m concerned he is just God and you don’t question God’s orientation. He just IS.

  2. I’m gay and I don’t care who knows. I carry myself in a respectful way. But for those who “out” others should have their asses kick!

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