Black Gay Trinidad Man Wins Discrimination Suit and Speaks Out

tt-guardian.jpegThis news story was sent to me by my friend and former colleague, Colin Robinson, a Black gay Trinidadian who’s been organizing here in NYC and in the Caribbean for quite some time.

Kennty Mitchell, 29, a Black gay man from Trinidad, has won a discrimination lawsuit and is speaking out about it. The local paper The Trinidad Guardian reports:

Mitchell was recently victorious in the High Court where he was awarded damages for being ridiculed by officers at the Princes Town Police Station.

He was stripped naked, laughed at and left in a filthy cell for over three hours.

Mitchell says he’s fed up with being ridiculed and discriminated against, and is calling on the Government to ensure gay people have equal rights.kennty-mitchell.jpg

“Gay people are people too, they are citizens of T&T and they make a valuable contribution to the country…They should not be treated as though they don’t belong or have no rights,” he argued.

11 thoughts on “Black Gay Trinidad Man Wins Discrimination Suit and Speaks Out

  1. Humm Nothing surprise me , Black people are always on FIRE , they can do anything what ever they want , Rob,Killing Rape stealing drug now Gays hahaaaaaaaaaa

    East London

  2. Thumbs up to Kennty!!! Over a decade, its been ‘a single voice in the wilderness’ attempting to mobilize support from the local heterogenous ‘community’ and having been active for most of my adult life, am taking a ‘stress-vacation’, in the hope that others would step to the plate, and that Kennty ‘shame’ be a catalyst to ‘New Horizons’.

  3. It” s About time , Well done Mr Mitchell. Your courage will make a difference in a country who’s motto is together we aspire together we achieve and it’s watch words are discipline TOLERANCE and Production.

  4. Its sad what Gay people endure in trinidad, i wonder if he is allowed to migrate out of the country will he be denied from returnig home as stated in their Immigration act 18:01…


  5. It was a breath of fresh air to see ths young mona come forward in such courage to stand up for a noble cause. Too many times people here in Trinidad are all talk and no action and he took some action. I hope that by his example more people will start gathering to guts to get together and work towards the common cause of greater freedom and respect in the region

  6. I wish to acknowledge your courageous stand and hope that your efforts would be the beginning of a crusade that will marginalize those who discriminate against their fellow man.

  7. Kennty boy!……I dunno what tuh say?
    GO buy something good fuh yuhself with d money!……..

    Enjoy it!….


  8. Congratulation on Your victory!!!! It’s a big step for Gays…..but you know it’s only the begining…We need more like you here.
    Good Luck for the future.

  9. Interesting!
    Nobody deserves to be treated like that for sure; although I am not sure politicians here are running scared at his voting threats.

    If anything, he might help convince young people with same-sex attractions here that they are not the only people out there “like this”.

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