Happy 83rd James Baldwin Tonight at the Brecht Forum

There is too much for me to say about James Baldwin. No writer means more to me than him. But I cannot write all of that now, because I gotta get some sleep (I am writing this the night before I post it). But I encourage you to watch the following video, and to post your own Happy Birthday wishes to Baldwin, wherever he may be watching us from right now.

If you’re in NYC, please come tonight to celebrate his would be 83rd birthday (and the 20th anniversary of his death.)

Thursday, August 2
Brecht Black August Events Series
7:30 pm
James Baldwin: Life and Legacies
Activist and Writers Roundtable/Open Mic
Bring Your favorite Baldwin passages

Speakers Include:

Kenyon Farrow, co-editor, Letters From Young Activists
Reggie Gossett, Critical Resistance
Anika Lani Haynes, Writer
Ajamu Sankofa, Healthcare Activist
Joan Gibbs, Lawyer, Professor

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