Davina’s ‘Return to Soul’ with New CD

davina-cd-pic.jpgThis weekend I was cleaning my iTunes music folders when I accidentally clicked on a song from Davina’s 1998 debut album The Best of Both Worlds. This album, a clean and simple, straightforward (neo) soul record is one of the best of that period. Davina had one hit single from the record, “So Good,” made popular by its appearance on the soundtrack for the movie Hoodlum (1997).

But when my finger slipped and landed on a song from The Best of Both Worlds—the iTunes feature that shows you other work by the artist—pulled up two albums, one by an artist of the same name (and hardly the original’s caliber), and a NEW Davina album entitled Return to Soul, Volume 1.

I gagged! I clicked n the link, and clicked again on the fist song on the disc, called What’s Goin On (not a re-do of the Marvin Gaye classic), and it was her! I immediately bought the album, and let me tell you, she is none worse for wear!

The CD will be very familiar for those of you who have “Both Worlds.” The singer/songwriter/producer/engineer brings you the same brand of soul on this second album. With Davina, you get great beats and extremely tight production and arrangement, smooth honey-coated vocals and great songwriting. She’s easily labeled a “neo-soul” artist—but there’s nothing pretentious about her music or delivery. Similar to her debut album, there is not one bad song on the entire disc. NOT ONE!

After I found the disc, I googled around for her, and found her myspace page, and an interview she recently did for my favorite online music radio show, Honey Soul.

What did she tell Honey Soul she’s been up to the last 10 years? Farming. I kid you not. Apparently she grew up farming, and returned to work on her farm. She also released this disc on her own label, Soul Line Associates, and plans to release some vault material as well as new stuff in the future. I am looking for a tour, Ms Davina, if you happen to read this—and don’t be gone no ‘nother decade!

The best uses for Return to Soul, Vol 1.? Snuggle up to somebody, dim the lights, and get close. Pick it up on iTunes or CD Baby.

Don’t remember “So Good?” Here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “Davina’s ‘Return to Soul’ with New CD

  1. “so good” was a gem indeed as was “come over to my place.” didn’t know she had a new joint. thanks for the heads up.

  2. She’s also performing again… she recently did the SHRINE in Harlem and plans a second show there. Keep watchin’!

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