Larry Craig & Gene Robinson: Two Faces of the Moral Majority

Senator Larry Craig: Christian White Right Morality Police Get Policed

Most of you probably already know that Idaho (no jokes, please, breaking up the syllables) Senator Larry Craig pleaded guilty to trying to get some action in a men’s restroom at the Minneapolis Airport, and then retracted his guilty plea by saying yesterday, “I’m not gay, and I have never been gay.”

While its easy to point to all the hypocrisy of this senator, who voted for anti-gay legislation and what not, what’s more interesting to me is the moralism around public sex, and the amount of policing of gay men that happens in our society. Many cities in recent years have increased policiing of parks and bathrooms with the intention to entrap gay men having consensual sex with themselves, and usually out of the view of other people. It is no wonder that this is why there have been several busts of several prominent republican men attempting to engage in public sex acts. At the end of the day, even with all that power, if you’re trying t fuck some men, you’re still subject to all kinds of surveillance. But the Republicans have just pushed him out there, and I not that I care, but it does speak to the how fragile the moral majority’s grip on the Republican Party is today.

Councilman Gene Robinson: Refused to Play “Moral” Majority Blackmail Scheme

While the world was fascinated by Senator Craig yesterday, Councilman Eugene Robinson in Atlantic City won a legal victory. Apparently he had been set up by local political rivals, who hired a woman (the press is alleging is a prostitute) to lure the councilman into a hotel to have sex, which they secretly videotaped, and tried to use it as blackmail to get Robinson to step down.

Well Robinson said the sex was consensual and refused to step down. Now the 5 alleged culprits have been indicted by a grand jury, which means they will now face charges and a trial. I am not invested in the trial or conviction per se, but I am glad someone finally just said “hell naw” and didn’t play the game. This group of dudes tried to use the power of the moral majority to ruin a political rival’s life, and it looks like it’s biting them right dead in the ass. Hahaha!

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