The Come Back & Come Up of Dawn (Robinson) & Dre (Allen)

Life ain’t been, as Langton Hughes once wrote, no crystal stair for former EnVogue/Lucy Pearl member, Dawn Robinson.

And now, she’s really puttin’ it out there for the world to see. Apparently Robinson and her husband, singer Dre Allen are shopping a reality show about her come back, and his come up. The trailer for the show is online, and i think they are trying to drum up prospects for a network to buy the show, which would certainly assist them in the cash flow department, which is apparently a very serious problem for the couple. I gotta say, they do look good together.

Dawn, much like TLC’s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, was always very vocal about the way En Vogue was ripped off, and I don’t think Lucy Pearl turned out to be the success she was seeking, although the group’s only album is really good (though a little on the safe side musically).

I hope this new venture will work out for her, and her husbands music sounds pretty hot too.

My advice for Robinson and Allen?

Write all your own songs. This is where artists really get stuck. You have to sell records like Mariah or Janet in order to make any money off of album sales if you don’t write your own music.

Don’t sign on a major label. Yes, its more work, but Robinson should know by now, they’re gangsta and will suck you dry. Start your own label, and sell them joints off of your website. If Joi can do it (who replaced Robinson for a short time in Lucy Pearl), you can too.

TOUR TOUR TOUR! It, I think is still the best way for artists to get their music out there, and get paid. She and her husband could totally do a double bill–and it seems as though that’s kinda what they’re doing already.

Don’t do R&B. That’s right. I said it. In reality, she can’t compete with the Alicia Keys, or even Jill Scott’s or Erykah Badu’s in the “neo-soul” category, let alone Rihanna’s or Keyshia Coles’ who run the R&B/Pop charts. Find your own niche. It sounds like her hubby is doing a rock thing, and that might be a better niche for them than trying to compete with folks in the R&B/Neo-soul world.

But I wish them good luck. Here’s the video for Dre Allen’s single “Fly” which features Dawn Robinson.

1 thought on “The Come Back & Come Up of Dawn (Robinson) & Dre (Allen)

  1. This Dre is giving me some serious Seal v. 2.0 and since some of Seal 1.0 is great and often overlooked, I ain’t mad about it. I am going to need one of the innumerable LA/NYC stylists to help the child, the look doesnt quite match the sound…

    Dawn Robinson, however, is looking great. She’s was always the most en vogue to me.

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