Mariah Carey Throws Shade at J. Lo!!!

This is just fierce! Mariah Carey was interviewed by a European (sounds German) televesion show. She was asked about Beyonce, whom Mariah spoke glowingly about. But she wasn’t so nice when asked about Jennifer Lopez, who just released a new album. Mariah does not see Ms. Lopez. That’s no secret. But it’s a scandal that she threw this much shade in front of the cameras.

BACKSTORY: Mariah was once signed to Sony, run by her ex hubby Tommy Mottola. Mariah says that once Tommy was ready to cut her from the label (after they were divorced, but before her contract was up), he signed J-lo, who copied Mariah’s look, and allegedly took an unfinished Mariah song (yes, Mariah actually writes alot of her own work) and used it on her (J.Lo, that is) album. So Mariah has no love for J. Lo. And now she’s making it public.

I can’t wait for Mariah’s new record, due out this winter. J. Lo’s? Well, the tracks I heard on iTunes didn’t do anything for me.

Not that I’m taking sides.

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