Why I Don’t Do Halloween

Halloween has become a time for white people to leave the house in blackface. Let’s face it. I live in the NYC area, and NYC’s Greenwich Village has one of the most popular Halloween Parades in the country. The last time I went, I was greeted by lots of white people dresssed in all forms of blackface–pimp costumes, rastas, hip-hop “thugs”, and “hoochie mamas.” Why doesn’t anybody think this is a problem?

Here’s a few of the costumes you’re likely to see this year, and why I’ll be home by 6pm:

10 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Do Halloween

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  2. Black face has a racist history in America, when ever it is worn by whites it will be suspect.

    Black face is (((ALWAYS))) racist!

  3. is there a difference between “blackface” and dark makeup? If someone uses a fake tanner to darken their skin, are they just one step away from using blackface? What about Forrest Whitaker using makeup to portray Idi Amin in “The Last King of Scotland”? How is that different from people who wore blackface in minstrel shows?

  4. I saw some “bling” at walmart in the halloween section and i just had to cringe and walk away. Seeing my friend throw on a pimp hat and sport a “thug” accent made it even worse. I’m surprised more people haven’t talked about this, it’s not some subtle form of appropriation, it’s blatant stereotyping and racism. It’s hard not to walk up to these people in rasta hats with fake dreadlocks and ask wtf are they thinking?

  5. So I can’t dress up as a pimp, thug or hoochie mama becuase its racist? So effectively you are saying all pimps, thugs and hoochie mamas are black people. What a racist stereotype!! YOU should be ashamed!!

    On another note black face is not racist. Minstrel shows were based on racial stereotypes yes, but they were no different than the stereotypes projected in just about any show on BET or MTV. If you consider white people dressing up in black face or any of those costumes racially insensitive, then should not condone any costumes at all.

  6. it’d be in the same sense as a bunch of black people having a redneck party and all showing up in NASCAR tshirts, overalls, etc. there can be black rednecks (i’ve yet to run into one?) , but the common association is with white people being “redneck” as the stereotype. and the people i see sporting the costumes are doing lame imitations of black people, so it’s not like they’re not at fault for anything.

  7. You’ve never seen a black red neck? Have you ever been out in the boonies? They hate those darned BET city slickers more than anyone.

    But you bring up a good point, if whites can’t dress like pimps then blacks can’t dress like NASCAR fans, Indians can’t dress like shahs and Mexicans can’t dress like mounties. All those costumes are just too prejudice. I mean every Halloween I see someone sporting a mountie costume with a lame imitation of Canadian people, so it’s not like they’re not at fault for anything.

  8. seriously, grow up. there’s a history behind blackface that makes it a sensitive subject, and throwing it on for halloween is just a bad idea, period.

  9. There is a history behind the cross too (before Jesus) so since it reminds me of how my slave ancestors were crucified I think wearing the cross is a bad idea. Period!!

    So how bout you grow up and stop pulling the racial insensitivity card on every damn thing.

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