Boondocks Takes on BET

Remember just a few short weeks ago I said that Hillary Clinton’s campaign made a huge mistake to have choice of BET founder Bob Johnson stumping for her to the Black community? You don’t? Well here’s what I brilliantly predicted:

Bob Johnson, founder of BET had the unmitigated gall to stand up in front of a crowd and act as the authority on Black people, and defend Clinton’s record with Black people…As black as the Clintons think they are, they are white enought to not realize how many Black people actually despise Bob Johnson. Many of us blame him for cutting BET news programming (and firing Tavis Smiley), and turning the channel into a video channel replete with images of violent black masculinites, hypersexualized black women, with a hefy dash of homophobia. In fact, THE SAME NIGHT he made these comments, Black folks were protesting outside the taping of a BET Awards show in DC.

Not only were they protesting. Thet were actually organizing hunger strikes! Well, at least lil Huey from The Boodocks was. The rumor has it that BET has used its might to keep this episode from airing.

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