The Original “Yes We Can (Can)”

The web is abuzz (guilty as charged) with the dedication to Obama. But I wanted to show you the original Yes We Can Can! The Pointer Sisters recorded this Allen Toussaint song in 1973, and represented a political optimism that was mostly gone in the Black community by this point in the 1970s.

For you skeptics, who think, as my friend Donald said, the Pointer Sisters began with “I’m So Excited”–think again! Watch the clip. No group since has touched their harmony, and moved so easily from soul and funk, to pop, jazz and country as the Pointer Sisters did throughout their career.

1 thought on “The Original “Yes We Can (Can)”

  1. Okay honey, if you take Anita’s place I think I could handle either Ruth’s or June’s part … now we need someone for Bonnie! Great Gosh A-mighty! *LOL!*

    All joking aside, although they’re still performing (and looking FIERCE), they’ve recently been through a whole lot: besides being estranged from Bonnie, they’ve lost their mother, Anita’s daughter Jada and, of course, their sister June – all to various types of cancer. Best wishes to them and their family.

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