Charles Barkley for Governor. Of Alabama.

Many of you know, I am no gay marriage advocate. But I am so desperate for some straight Black men to decidedly denounce sexism and homophobia, I’ll take what I can get.

In walks NBA legend Charles Barkley. Listen to the interview he gives CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, calling the “Conservatives” fake Christians. It’s a lovely thing. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if he actually became governor of Alabama, which he says he’s going to do in 2014?

4 thoughts on “Charles Barkley for Governor. Of Alabama.

  1. Hey kenyon,
    I understand your enthusiasm for politics, but I really have to defend the Christians here. I think my self that there are some issues that need to be straightened out within the body of Christ, but there are a lot of sincere, good people who are conservatives, and we are working to improve ourselves. Most of us would bend over backwards to help others.

    Please also realize that accusations like “you are homophobic” just because someone says the bible states homosexuality is a sin is unfair. We are just stating a biblical position of our faith. People get angry and falsely accuse us of this, when the statement is not made out of fear or hate of any kind. We are the ones on the receiving end of hate, fear and discrimination. But we have to love back those who declare themselves our enemies.

    Also, any one can be a “fake.” And they do not even have to be a Christian. They can be a non-believer, atheist, etc. Look around you and you will find fake people of many descriptions. Also, if a person does not like someone, that does not automatically make that person a fake, if , for example, they disagree with them. Many things have to be taken into consideration before a person starts accusing others of being fake, including looking at themselves. The accusations you mention are very hurtful to us.

    best wishes

  2. Thanks for the post, Marianne.

    I am no theologian, and don’t want to get into a tit for tat on Biblical verses. But I know that the Bible, particularly Leviticus, says a lot of things that nobody follows anymore, and yet many Christians only adhere to the “many lying with another man is an abomination” bit.

    You are saying that “Christians” are on the receiving end of hate and intolerance. How do you know Charles Barkley is not a Christian? He seems to suggest that he in fact is one, but what he’s saying is he’s sick of people cloaking themselves in the language of religion (in this case, Christianity) to produce all kinds of hate-filled political legislation, that EVERYONE in the nation/globe must adhere to, whether it makes sense or not, whether we like it or not. I don’t really care what you do in your church, or what you believe, but don’t try to legislate your morality on everyone else.

    You’re right, anyone can be fake. Did he say only Christians could be? Did I say that? And anyone can be a zealot, or a fundamentalist. But I don’t like when fundamentalist–Christian, Islamic, Jewish, etc.–wants me (regardless of how I define myself) to live according to their values.

    I just listened to the video again, and quite frankly, I am not sure you even listened to what Barkley was saying before you wrote this post. Nothing you say actually addresses what he says.

  3. hi Kenyon,

    I had responded directly to what you had said, so true, I did not view the video.

    I am just trying to explain the believer’s viewpoint and rights as well. It is here to share. I am not trying to impose, but clarify. People can accept what I say or reject it.

    For those that love God and His Word, all scripture is sacred, whether others adhere to it, or have left it behind. It is sacred because God’s love was invested into it, and each word given was given for a purpose. God’s law is life to those who love it, and not death.

    God had a purpose for giving the book of Leviticus, and those that followed it for thousands of years benefited from it. Rules for living were given to protect His people from harm, from disease, and from their enemies. They were taught to be holy and different from others.

    The law was not meant to afflict his people, or oppress them. It was meant to protect them from the spiritual and physical dangers around them. We live in a fallen world, and we can be harmed by what it there unless we know how to navigate around the dangers. The law was a hedge of protection around a cherished and sacred people.

    For example, 4000 years ago, God forbid the Israelites to eat pork and other certain animals. It was found later in medical science that these animals can be contaminated with parasites. Trichinosis infects pig. Cranes get the inclusion body viral disease. Venereal disease was prevented by certain sexual contacts. Shrimp can carry the Taura syndrome virus. Other animals are unclean and will make us sick too. Too much pork also causes high cholesterol and heart disease. The Israelites were also told NOT to eat fat or blood from the animal. We know now about fat and heart disease, and most diseases are carried in the blood. God knew all this ahead of time, so he placed limits on the people. If they obeyed Him, they would stay healthy. These rules still work today. Leviticus also established the first law of restitution in its social laws, so that the injured party could get paid damages from the person who hurt him.. Today we call this Levitical principle affirmative action, restoring rights and property, and monies to those it had been denied to before. Not every nation on earth practices this divine principle.

    Any current legislation is not motivated by hate, by by a need to protect life and family. There are too many child predators out there, and children should not be scandalized by adult sexual desires and attitudes. There are already laws about heterosexual crimes, and it is only fair to include homosexual crimes as well. Private adult relationships are not the target, but those who abuse them or seek out victims. I have witnessed many profane, lewd, disgusting displays of contempt for morality and God by gays in their gay pride parades. They are not necessarily peaceful.. They want to openly do things in public, like expose their body parts, or slobber all over each other, or fondle each other, and get away with it, to show off that they can do anything they want, with even children watching on. This kind of obscene behavior violates the rights of others. I guess with all the name calling that they do, I could respond with saying they are God-o-phobic or Christ – o -phobic, or just heter-o-phobic.

    Right now, the gays are insisting they impose their LACK of morality on the rest of the public. The rest of us have rights too, and they are being violated. Our children should not be FORCED to learn in school that homosexuality is normal, and acceptable, when that violates our moral standards. Yet the gays are pushing for this and in some places, the schools are already promoting this.

    Immoral, unbelieving people can have rights, but their rights should not be forced on us, and our children. We should be able to work and not worry about a gay suing us for hate crimes, because our values say homosexuality is a sin. They should not be forcing their immorality and their way into churches. Some of the churches have gone away from God now because of this. Unless they repent of their sins, like everyone else, then they are hypocrites, dictating to God what his new rules should be. No one has this right. God has never changed his mind about sin.

    So there is no hate legislation. Only legislation that protects society from individuals who want things at the expense of others. If non-believers have rights to live and express themselves freely, then so should believers.

    If we were to remove the influence of the bible from our laws, we would also have to cancel laws against murder, fraud, theft, adultery, child abuse, false witness in court, etc.

    No one has to agree with me, but this society would be better off if we were still trying to follow Leviticus the best we could. God always provided healing and forgiveness when there were mistakes, but the closer we strive to keep his guidelines, whether we do it as believers or not, the better our lives will be. We will be happier, healthier, and have more peace with each other.

    Values from God only protect, not harm. That is my point.


  4. The video is no longer available so I’ll have to go searching on You Tube. I now have more respect for Charles Barkley. We need more heterosexual black men standing against homophobia.

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