My Thoughts on Ralph Nader

Just press play to learn what I think about Ralph Nader entering the race for president:

7 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Ralph Nader

  1. yea, considering the shake-up Ralph caused following his last run for president, as well as his general smugness after the Florida ballot mess — that was in Florida, right? — i think i would have to agree with your thoughts, Kenyon, wholeheartedly.

    at the same time, to look at things a bit more scientifically, maybe we should seriously consider that a so-called jezebel spirit is lurking somewhere inside this “charming” man, compelling him to f*ck up politics again and again with a slippery tongue instead of focusing on/doing something positive. if that’s the case, what can be done?? we need some exorcists, on the double!! or else just let him go on to do his tired-ass thing.


  2. Just as in 2000… and we saw who we got then!!!

    A vote for Nader was a vote for Bush.

    And now:
    A vote for Nader is a vote for McCain!


    If ya’ like going to war in the wrong country for no apparent reason vote McCain.

    Uhhh…lemme see… terrorists from Saudi Arabia flew planes into buildings on the direction of another Saudi in Afghanistan…. soooo….OBVIOUSLY… we should invade Iraq.

    Yep! Lemme have some more of that logic…. Maybe Bush can run as Vice-President…. Is that allowed? Because he and his staff are real geniuses.

    Remember folks, the ONLY reason Bush got the White House was because of Nader. Thus Nader can be blamed for: The Iraq War, The economy, The price of oil, and possibly even 9-11.(one can only guess on that last one) McCain is just as nutty as Bush but smarter which makes him more dangerous.

  3. a vote for nader was not a vote for bush at all. lest we forget, it was gore that lost his home state of TN. if he hadn’t, florida and the hanging chads would have been an afterthought.

    nader likely won’t even be able to do much of what he wants to do around raising issues that the two corporate parties won’t touch, but it’s mostly because the media will ignore him.

    it’s embarrassing that progressive people fall all over themselves to denounce nader, yet don’t bat an eye when they see the super centrist democrats sell them out after getting elected. yes, nader, like the other people running, is an egomaniac, but it’s not his fault that his gore and kerry couldn’t beat the guy we’ve been stuck with for eight long, horrible years.

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  5. Hey Kenyon.

    This makes me think of something else, maybe another topic all together.

    It’s the way the media infuses super-human powers to those that just don’t have it. Nader is one white man who is socially marginalized. The media leads us to think “Nader” is why GWBush got elected, rather than all those pro-Bush people (as if they don’t exist and have nothing to do with it). Now, whose got more power in this country: Nader or those pro-Bush people (collectively). Better example:

    We keep hearing on mainstream media, how “the Latino vote” or “the African American vote” will “determine” the course of [fill in the not almost entirely white state]’s primary. Determine??? Since when did people of color have the power to “determine” shit in this country? White Christian heterosexual men, that’s who has the damn power locked up inside plenty of institutions that have been in existence for several hundred years, in some cases. As I see it, that’s the “group” to watch out for, but they become invisible when political news shows, now notorious for tokenizing people of color in the discussions (better than all whiteboys, yes), keep harping on how significant “the Latino vote” or “the African American vote” is. Interesting in how just about all the policies these politicians promote invisibilize, demonize, or otherwise directly harm people of color, here and outside the U.S.

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