Judith Jamison to Retire from Ailey in 2011

Judith Jamison, principal dancer-turned choreographer, just announced her plans to retire as Artistic Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in 2011. Jamison first joined the company in 1965.

Jamison, and Ailey’s choreography, is the thing that made me decide to start taking modern and jazz dance classes when I was young and saw a PBS special and was mesmorized by the classic “Revelations” (betcha didn’t know I started taking dance at age 7 did ya?).

After Ailey died of AIDS in 1989, Jamison took over leadership of the company and helped it grow into a major dance institution. He’s one of my heroes, and and so is she. Here’s to your much deserved rest, Ms. Jamison!

1 thought on “Judith Jamison to Retire from Ailey in 2011

  1. I almost cried reading this! She is absolutely amazing. And I agree with you: the only times I have even considered getting my big butt into dance classes is when I saw pictures and videos of her in actions! lol

    Now the question is: who on earth will dare try to fill her shoes?

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