Hillary Clinton: Ready at 3AM to Blow Up Some People of Color

This ad is the most implicitly racist and xenophobic of the political season that I’ve seen. It’s the new ad Senator Clinton is playing going into the Texas, Ohio, Vermont, Rhode Island primary weekend. It is a tool to paint Barack Obama “soft on terror/crime” and Hillary Clinton stands at the ready to “defend” America.

MEANING: Hillary Clinton will kill for America. And most likely it will be some non-white people.

This is disgusting. [That’s not to say I don’t have critiques about Obama’s theories on going into Pakistan, or pulling out of Iraq to scale up actions in Afghanistan.] But this ad? REALLY?

UPDATE: A reader (and potentially new BFF) sent me this new Op-ed from Orlando Patterson in the New York Times, who basically spells out my point:

“For more than a century, American politicians have played on racial fears to divide the electorate and mobilize xenophobic parties. Blacks have been the “domestic enemy,” the eternal outsider within, who could always inspire unity among “we whites.” Richard Nixon’s Southern strategy was built on this premise, using coded language — “law and order,” “silent majority” — to destroy the alliance between blacks and white labor that had been the foundation of the Democratic Party, and to bring about the Republican ascendancy of the past several decades. The Willie Horton ad that George H. W. Bush used against Michael Dukakis in 1988 was a crude manifestation of this strategy — as was the racist attack used against John McCain’s daughter, who was adopted from Bangladesh, in the South Carolina Republican primary in 2000.”

64 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Ready at 3AM to Blow Up Some People of Color

  1. As everyone knows, I’m supporting Barack till the bitter end.
    That said, this ad is practically the same ad Mondale used against Gary Hart in ’84 – or so I’m told!

  2. Hillary would be ready at 3 AM to make a decision as dumb as voting for the Iraq wqar?

  3. I understand that this is a scare tactic on Hillary’s part. But I don’t see how it’s racist. I do see a hint of Xenophobia, but that’s kind of what America is built on these days… /sigh

  4. I don’t know if its more racist or more scare tactic. I’m offended by it tho but that’s just me!
    Hilary has a record of poor decision making I know that.

  5. It isn’t experience that counts so much as judgement. On that account, she has demonstrated consistently poor judgement in not only backing Bush’s war but the management of her own campaign.

    The commercial however is simply the latest version of the classic Lyndon Johnson scare ad used against Barry Goldwater in 1964. There Johnson showed a little girl picking pettles off a daisy which transitioned to a countdown, then the launch of a nuclear missile and a big explosion, the implication being that the hawk Goldwater would get us into World War III and the rational, experienced leader Johnson wouldn’t. It worked then and in every campaign since someone has done a variation on the same theme.

  6. The ad is xenophobic and racist because of who it implicitly targets. We’re not at war or even in danger of going to war with any predominantly white countries, nor have we been in the recent past. Kenyon points out that the ad should read “Hillary Clinton will kill for America. And most likely it will be some non-white people” because who the government has labeled as the enemy are various people of color groups that they continue to otherize and marginalize through both domestic and foreign policy. In the context of the current “war on terror,” the hysteria over North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, and other countries, and the “aid” that we are so “graciously” giving to “war-torn African nations,” this ad becomes a fairly explicit invocation of racist global policing.

  7. Thanks Bernie for the historical analysis.

    And thanks Sam for explaining how racist this ad is without ever having to show some racialized “other” in terms of the criminal, the deviant, or the terrorist. I thought it was pretty self-explanatory.

  8. Really, this is her lobbing softballs. I didn’t expect anything less from H. Clinton and I expect the race to get uglier from here on out. I don’t know if Obama will sink to her level but H. Clinton isn’t above ripping apart the party or turning off young voters to get into the Oval office.

    If fear mongering and pandering to racism are traits that the far Right respect then they shouldn’t worry, there will be a Republican in the white house of Clinton should get the nomination.

  9. sorry to burst your bubble.
    barack will not change much about foeirgn policy either.
    the ad is just a display of power. trying to get it through people’s heads that the president is all powerful and must make split second decisions that will keep us safe.
    it’s 3am and Hillary is wide awake, calm, her reading glasses on, and at her desk. that’s how ready she is.

    its a bunch of propaganda.

  10. This ad is not racist. In fact Obama’s camp stole the video footage and completely copied the ad and ran their own version. A copy of it is on youtube. Obama ‘s camp did not think it was racist.

  11. I dont see anything racist about it. I just see blacks trying to raise fear among others for their own gain. As usual!!! I also see blacks voting for obama “only because he is black” and not because he can anything for this country. If thats not racist I dont know what is!!!!!

  12. Actually, the interesting thing about this ad is it flies in the face of everything she supposedly stands for and against. First of all, it’s a “xerox” of an ad done on YouTube for McCain some time ago. (She accussed Barack of Xeroxing a friends speech).
    Second, it plays on fear, which in my mind has long been a Bush tactic. In fact, when I polled friends and family on who they thought of when I said “uses fear to fuel their political agenda ” every one of them said “Bush”.
    The simple truth is Clinton will do whatever it takes to win.
    Isn’t it odd that she claims to be the candidate best suited to handle National Security? Who does she think was in office while the 9/11 terrorist where preparing for their attack?

  13. A worker in the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama wrote, “Voting on the basis of skin color is morally appropriate. A person should vote for the candidate with whom he can best identify. Skin color is one means of identification. By the way, Barak Obama supports my statements.”


  14. If voting for skin color is what obama says he supports, then he should not count on one White vote!!! We will vote for our own color and he will surely lose!!! Those are racist comments by him and he should be thrown out of the race. Besides, when the govt. of south africa(DeKlerk)freed mandela and he was voted in as president, he said that”no one White can rule south africa because they do not represent the majority of the population”. Americas blacks cheered!!! So with that racist comment from a prisoner, the blacks in this country now have to eat the fact that no one that is not white can run this country because”they do not represent the majority of the poulation” which is White!!!!!! I f its good for south africa its good for here too!!! Eat that racist blacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Is this how it is going to be? Anyone that challenges Mr. Obama on his experience(s) or position(s) is going to be labeled a racist. Wow, that is a great blueprint for change – suppress real questions for fear of being labeled a racist. Who is playing the fear card now?

  16. General information : years ago when u.s.a. had problems with Russia, there were adds featuring the Fact that russia would bury us. HAHA. that was a scare tactic causeing people to build fall out shelters. Now like we were in danger. HEHE

  17. You people crack me up, thinking that any of these clowns is actually going to make a difference in your life if elected. Try taking the reigns of your own destiny for a change instead of looking to Washington to solve your problems. As for the war, there is one less tyrant in the world filling mass graves with the bodies of the poor and helpless, and that’s a good thing. I don’t give a rat’s a$$ whether we found WMDs or if Saddam was a direct participant in 911. War is about strategy and, from a geographic perspective, Iraq makes perfect sense as the place to start trying to affect change in the region. Now the people of Iraq at least have a window of opportunity to chart their own course toward freedom. Our men and women in uniform have given them that opportunity and sacrificed a lot in the process. So screw you people who want quarterback from your comfortable armchairs and consider personal sacrifice giving up a Saturday to walk a protest line.

  18. The ad is ridiculous for every other reason besides racism – time to turn in your race card for overuse Kenyon

  19. LoL. that’s the problem with publicity.
    you can make it harder for people to comment
    you can probably erase comments.

    my whole point in posting was to claim that it represents the executive branch as supreme. sorta like a dictator.

    but it’s a stupid commercial anyway. who’s on the line? what’s the call about. its just propaganda.

    i can’t believe people are voting on this insanity.

  20. So, you can’t trust the Clintons – Hillary’s “Ad” is racist and “she has not (personally) negotiated any international Treaties. OK: she is not racist . She has had eight years in the White House married to someone who has done so. She is a very intelligent woman, a lawyer married to a lawyer and I don’t think she has slept through her years of Public Service nor has she failed to learn (lots!) during those years. Right now: I think Hillary’s worst enemy in this campaign is the News Media! Please lay off her with the denigration “well -but’s ” for a while and give her the credit she is due. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be one of the best Presidents this Beloved Nation has ever had. I am so happy to be able to witness this. Thank you for your attention. …………………………………………………………………………

  21. Sorry, but this ad is not racist. You may think the ad is pushing the fear factor, but racist? Nah.

  22. At least we know that Hillary will not be able to consult Bill for advice. You can bet that at 3 AM he’ll be sound asleep, but nowhere near her.

  23. Go Hillary!
    You’re an amazing person. I stil strongly believe that Barrack Obama would have made the same decision about Iraq under the same circumstances. Politicians were losing ground for appearing to be unpatriotic, unAmerican. If Obama was really against the war, he should quit authorizing any financing to make a point! But he too has bowed to pressure…. even now. Obama to me has always been a false prophet–he’s not the speaker of the people of change, he’s just the unfortunate soul being paraded.

  24. This isn’t racist but it sure raises a good question about who would there at 3 am. Obama keeps questioning Clintons foreign policy experience I’m still waiting to hear what his is

  25. I think who wrote this ad is no dumb. i just see how this is “racist” at all. I think you just want to see what you want not what really is.

  26. Get real, how many rings did it have to ring before anybody answered it at 3:AM?….Don’t think it was racist, but if you think so, as Bobby Brown says “It’s your perogitive.” (sort of says it that way) Mr. Penguin–Rove is stirring the shit up again. Republicans are cool and under control and the Dems have a racist game going on. If this shit is kept up don’t be surprised if that balding white man is the Prez.

  27. I don’t see anything too bad about his ad. Kinda creepy and cheese-ballish in a way…but that’s about it. I’m still on the fence as it comes to whom I to vote for, however, Clinton isn’t the devil that people make her out to be. And come on… rascist? As far as ads go… to win, you have to pander to everyone. I’m sure she has another ad that shows her rapping, or hip-hop dancing or something. I don’t believe our presidents should perform like monkeys to get our votes… but it definately makes them stand out more… and it makes me smile.


  29. Wow, that kid above me was really going crazy with the caps, huh?

    Kenyon, I just wanted to say “Thank You” for expressing your views on this ad, and for speaking without censoring yourself.

    Your original post never discussed Clinton as a racist. You just pointed out the ugly fact, which is that every country that America is currently targeting consists of a population of people of a color besides “peach”.

    Obama’s response ad pointed out that he has often voted and acted in a way that attempts to resolve our differences without resorting to violence.

    Thank you for commenting about this ad, and thank you for having the overall composure to accept the critical attacks above, without jumping into the resulting melee.

  30. Do you remember 9/11 and all the wars around the world were commited “OVERWHELMINGLY” by so called “people of color”. They asked for war and attack innocent people all over the world and they recieved what they have coming!!! POWER TO PEOPLE OF “PEACH” Color!!!!!!!! Destroy our enemies and I will have a much better life without having to take care of this scum!!!! Welfare will dramatically go down also!!!!!

  31. im a hispanic male and i dont see any point of racism in this add. quit pulling race cards, its stupid and really makes u look ignorant.

  32. Fear Mongering-Throwing in the race care is fear mongering 101. Like the statement that
    fauxbama made about the super delegates.
    He knew coming into the campain how the superdelegates worked but because he can’t play fair he has his camp saing that if the super delegates don’t go with him then there will be
    a fight of 1960’s Watts riots proportions so to speak but thats not fear mongering. He says that the super delegates should go with him if he won the state. Well Kennedy and Kerry are going with him but Hillary won the state. You don’t see him being the better man and telling Uncle Teddy and Kerry to do whats right.
    Oh and Mr. Farrow if you don’t want anyone to post on your blob because they don’t agree with you then don’t post a blog.
    By the way your a racist

  33. I don’t understand, we only goto war with people of color? Serbia? USSR? This is just silly. Feel a little more sorry for yourself.
    I really don’t see any racism in this. But then again, people see what they want to see. And please do not pretend that Barack will not wage war on people of color all around this globe of ours. It’s a two way street but you’re only picketing on Hillary’s side.

  34. On the front page Kenyon you imply in your second paragraph that Hillary Clinton is basically answering the phone to save white people from terrorist but if you watch the video again there is more than just white children. Also, there have been more than just dark skinned terrorist remember the Oklahoma City bombing. Is that a case of white people being rascist against white people? I know us white people aren’t always the smartest, calmest, prettiest or most articulate bunch but by no means are we all rascist. I do however think you come off like a rascist and yes black people can be rascist. I don’t even know what reverse rascism is because as far as I know if your not capable of co existing with white people that actually care about everybody than your what black asian hispanic native american people like to call every person with white skin and that’s a rascist. If your voting for Barack Obama and claim it’s not because your skin color is the same color as his than I would like to know what has he done in the very short time he’s been in the senate that makes him worth voting for.

  35. This is a letter I wrote to the Governor of Michigan, it mentions the red phone ad.


    Dear Governor

    I strongly oppose the idea that you are attempting to get in this fray with the DNC about seating delegates at the National Convention. The Michigan Democratic party knew full well what was at stake when they made an unwise decision. This is not your problem and you should not make it your problem by weighing in.

    Now that the nomination is not going the way that you expected, it is unfair to move the goal posts to serve your purpose of helping Hillary. If you want to help Hillary Clinton out, do it on your own personal time or send her a check. You are in the middle of disrupting a nomination that is divisive enough.

    Had John McCain pulled his red phone stunt against Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, we would all be crying foul and calling it the ‘swift-boating’ of the Democratic party. So instead what we get in Hillary is ‘John McCain in a dress.’
    Is this what you really want for the Democratic Party? An acrimonious fight on the floor because Michigan does not play by the rules?

    Please be a graceful and gracious governor. The people of Michigan will not be barred from voting in the November general election.

  36. They RIGGING this scam/ election for Clinton. Funny how the race was all but over until last night. Now Clinton is acting like she has already won. What does she know? Get ready “black” people for another election 2000 democrat style. Guess what they want to re vote in Florida & Michigan. This is all a show the media will tell you who wins.

  37. Well Im white, female and im voting for Obama, Hillary had 8 years as first lady to come up with a health care plan and where is it………… now she says she can do it, i have my doubts. I picture the 3 A.M. phone ringing with hillary racing and stumbling over bill to see who can get there first and they ask for Obama. And as far as his worthiness, he hasn’t been tainted by filthy politics. He is a fresh face with hope and encouraging ideas. I am in michigan and we are dieing here from lose of jobs, factory closings etc. I do hope he finally starts to nail her down and stop worrying about making her cry because trust me the republicans are gonna eat her alive unless everyone feels sorry for her again. One last comment, JUST WHERE IS THAT TAX RETURN SHE SAID SHE WOULD DELIVER, i got people, im sure she does too. WHAT IS SHE HIDING?

  38. As a New Yorker, I’m surprised you have a problem with this ad. While yes, the next person getting attacked by us is most likely going to be of color, the next person to attack our homeland will most likely be of color (remember 9/11). Perhaps if you identified with being a New Yorker and an American instead of worrying about your race you would want to protect your fellow citizens more than you would those people of color. Next time we’re attacked don’t be the one leading the “we should have done more to stop this” crowd. If anyone is racist, it’s not Hillary and I don’t even like her.

  39. I completely agree with Greg. I honestly think that Obama is using “the race card”. It’s interesting that Oprah never endorsed a candidate until Obama. I said “endorsed”. I’ve listened to some of the campaign speeches and Obama hasn’t offered one genuine tangible solution to the problems Americans face, on the other hand Hillary Clinton has. I agree that there are many racist blacks. As a white person, I have never, I repeat, never heard any white person that I know make a racist remark against blacks however as I have come to know some black people, I am surprised to hear the racist remarks that come out of their mouths and they don’t even bat an eye. I guess these ones just don’t get it, they obviously don’t believe that they are being racist. For example, an older black woman watched a report on TV about a white man who killed someone, she said, and I quote, “white people are like that.” Why don’t we have a Caucasian or Asian or Native American History Month? Why don’t we have an organization called the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People, or Asian People, etc. Or how about the United Asian College fund? etc. Oh that’s right, a Mass. college student tried that and was shut down because it was deemed racist. And how about the NAACP coming in and telling Denzel Washington he shouldn’t portray a crooked cop in the movie Training Day. All other races don’t seem to throw a hissy fit when someone in their race looks bad. I don’t take it personally when the media reports something bad done by a white person. I don’t believe that all white people represent me. Oh, by the way, if I said Rosa Parks, every black person and many Whites, Asians, Native Americans, etc. would know the incident. But what is the name of the white woman from Detroit who was killed during the Cival Rights movement for transporting Blacks? She was the mother of five children and she gave up her life for the cause of black people, leaving five children without a Mom. Why isn’t she mentioned in Black History Month? She stood up for black people and they can’t even remember her for it, she paid the ultimate sacrafice for a struggle that was NOT her own. Harriet Tubman you know, but what are the names of all the white abolishionists who worked on the underground railroad ? Without them how far could Harriet have gone? I am 57 yrs. old and grew up in the turbulent 1960’s & 1970’s. I saw the hatred of the racist Black Panthers on TV but now Bobby Seals and others of that group are praised by the Black community as a whole. They did some good things but that does not excuse the bad. Hitler did some good things for Germany too. I think it is totally wrong to be racist but I believe that to be true whether you are White or Asian or Native American or Black. Thanks for listening. Mary

  40. Greg,

    It is a bit disturbing that you would indicate that Kenyon would be voting for Barack Obama based on the color of his skin.

    The assumption that every American votes based on the superficial bloc-vote they are assigned to is insulting to the core values of democracy.

    I am a white woman. My ancestors are Norwegian and Welsh. If I was going to pay attention to the bloc that the media assigned me to, I would have filed my vote for Clinton.

    Obama has spoken against DOMA since he was in the senate. This is vital in assuring civil liberties for all Americans, instead of hiding behind a curtain of separate but equal. He has also been opposed to NAFTA for many years, urging for a reevaluation of our position.

    Obama has also been against the war from the start, a position that Clinton cannot claim. Therefore, voted for Obama in the primaries, and hope to be able to vote from him in November.

    I hope you can understand why I would find it insulting to insinuate that the color of my skin should have somehow mandated that I vote for Clinton. Or, even worse, if I had chosen to vote for her, that the only reason I had was because of my ancestry or sex.

    Such accusations insinuate that a person does not have enough sense or intelligence to look at a stack of issues and decide who they feel is the most qualified candidate.

    Thank you,

    -Amber Culbertson-Faegre

  41. I can not in good conscious sit here and watch black people, my people play the race card, over and over and over again! What IS WRONG WITH US?? OR YOU I should say…

    You know something, when it is necessary to pull the “race” card, things like this make it EXTREMELY difficult to be credible. HOW ON EARTH did you come up with this conclusion??

    Black people need to get their crap together because I AM SO TIRED of being made an ASS by NONSENSE like this.

    I’m young and I’m black and I am offended by your accusation and position because honestly, I think YOU are the one being a bit racist here.

    You have to have a seriously WARPED MIND to conclude that from this ad. Its true, black folks used to call Bill Clinton the black president, but now somehow, the Clintons’ are racist? WTF? All because a black man is running for president?

    Seriously, I grew up IN THE HOOD. If you think OBAMA understands the meaning of “The Hood” you are MISTAKEN. This is a brotha that was not only raised by his caucasian family living in Hawaiian paradise, but also that little tid bit about being from the slums of chicago or NY is a FLAT OUT LIE. His father was a wealthy African who OWNED the airport the U.S. Airforce landed their jets in and also financed his elaborate Harvard education. BY NO MEANS can he claim to understand my hood. HELL NO, and I take offense to ANYONE who didnt grow up there but CLAIM to because they been through their a coupla times. If Obama ever set foot in the ghetto, IT WAS BY CHOICE which is a big damn difference between growing up there and LIVING the experience.

    You dont have to support his rival, but DAMN, where the hell is your sense of DIGNITY?

  42. irish nation, go away. you’re loud and rude and you’ve said nothing helpful in any of the posts of yours i’ve read.

    thanks for clearing up the ad, i was confused as to how it was considered racist until your post. i think hillary’s crazy, and is pandering to some people’s WOO! AMERICA! mentality, but i think if it had any racial overtones, it wasn’t intentional. why would she try and offend such a huge portion of the population when she needs every vote she can get?

  43. Sure, it’s a scare tactic commercial, NO WORSE AND NO BETTER than Obama’s scare tactic commercial depicting Hillary as a 1984 type Goerge Orwell dictator (and I certainly don’t recall living in a totalitarian society back in the 90s).


    I am of mixed race myself (and mixed religion, so I share a lot in common there with the late Sammy Davis, jr) , but to cry racist every single time Obama is criticized absolutely regresses race relations, not progresses them.

    If Obama was big enough to throw the first punch (and he did with the above mentioned commercial but I think everyone has forgotten that one) then he and the supporters need to be big enough to take a punch.

    At least when Clinton was being attacked early on she was mature enough to say “They are NOT attacking me because I am a woman, but because I am ahead”.

    To accuse either of the Clintons of being racist , simply because they strike at a political opponent (which IS the only reason they strike AND strike back at him ) is among the most ludicrous accusations imaginable.

    I don’t like the commercial either, but both sides have resorted to manipulation and scare tactics.

    Sadly immature article here.

  44. Does anyone know how many times the phone rang at 3 AM when she was the assistant president? And what did she tell Bill to do?

  45. Racist? Are you freaking joking? Claiming that this fear-mongering trip is racist only marginalizes REAL racism. God…I get the sense you’re one of those people that can find racism in a jug of white milk.

    Seriously…you can run this same ad 20 years ago, and it would be implying Clinton is protecting us from WHITE Russians. 70 years ago, and she’s protecting us from WHITE Germans. Here’s a news flash….most of the world is not white. America’s going to have conflicts with non white people from time to time. To claim that a pro-war person like Hillary (hey she ran the ad and voted for Iraq) is racist simply because we happen to fighting non white people is simply….moronic. There’s no other word for it.

    Jeez, people.

  46. The targeting of “colored nations” card is getting alittle old. I gurantee we arent targeting them because they are colored, I mean they blew the heck out of us at 911, If Britain had done the same, We would be doing the same thing there. A card to play in any election, But is this video racial? No, I dont believe it is. Also, One more note to those against the war, There is no draft, Anyone who goes off to fight, Is making their choice, Choosing their path, And protesting, Trying to get them out, And pretty much preventing them from doing their job, Isnt helping.

  47. Thanks for this post…who the hell are these CAPS LOCK and “quotation mark”-abusing psychos who can’t tell the difference between political analysis and their own ass? How are the majority of these more recent comments remotely helpful?

    Hannah–pandering to racism is a time-honored election tradition, as other commentators here have noted. Of course the racial overtones are intentional–the people who make these ads know what they’re doing. I’m sure they also have the polls indicating that more votes will be gained by such tactics than lost. The point isn’t to offend POC (and the ad will of course even appeal to some POC…) its that challenging white supremacist fear mongering is not something this campaign has any reason to take on. If some are offended, oh well. what’re they gonna do if she gets the nom–vote for McCain?

  48. “We’re not at war or even in danger of going to war with any predominantly white countries, nor have we been in the recent past.”

    So not true. Don’t forget the balkans! Milosevic?

  49. Ummm…where does it say that the phone call is about bombing anyone?? Maybe it’s a Tsunami, an asteroid on a collision course with earth or an attack on baby seals; or maybe the aliens have finally come to get everyone not wearing a tinfoil hat. You racist Obama supporters will use any stick to beat Hillary. You learn things after a while; don’t let your sister date Bill Clinton, don’t let George W Bush park your car, don’t let Hillary host a Friars club roast, and don’t give Obama a job that involves doing anything more than making a pretty speech.

  50. Constintina,
    with all the insane media coverage this election is getting, any slight whiff of racism is published nonstop. hillary would be seriously retarded if she tried to pander to whites, because for all the whites who would appreciate her pro blowing up people of color ad, there would be even more of them who would find it repugnant, and she would tank in the polls. so i really doubt she’d intentionally put something out there that would be anything but PC to the nines just to cover her ass.

  51. Amber take the time and go back and read what I said before you put words in my mouth. I would like to know in terms that deal with facts what it is Barack Obama did that’s worth voting for. It is not a secret that people are and have said they are have or will vote for Barack based on color recognition. So my response is since the country is in such bad shape concerning our health care, economy and national security to name a few isn’t it ignorant to vote based solely on skin color. Besides what if and I did type if Barack fails horribly doesn’t that only set the stage for the first black president to be blamed for every thing that has gone wrong. I am not against hope but setting up somebody you supposedly care for so much to take the brunt of the political ass whooping doesn’t seem like a very caring thing to do. Doesn’t it make more sense to vote for Hillary and in doing so we know she is going to pick Barack as her vice. He’ll get a couple of years in the white house and gain the expeience he doesn’t have so in 2012 or 2016 he can take over with what I would bet was a surplus. We all know Bush f*cked up bad enough that the republican party won’t win for a long time not to mention our generation atleast seems more independent democrat and over all open minded. I would be more willing to vote for Barack if he was the vice president for a couple of years.

  52. You don’t think this is racist people?
    You probably also don’t believe in subliminal messages unless its musicians right?
    Right when they say who will be to answer the phone at 3am they show the 3rd child she is mixed race look half black half white? And it says NIG on her pajama sleeve and above that is an upside down GA
    You can get mad and say people are playing the race card.
    But in your heart you know this is no mistake.
    Oh and by the way-I am a white male-so how am I playing the race card?

  53. Kenyon – a word of advice from an old-school blogger: moderate your comments and ban the trolls. Anyone who’s here to rant and yell can just go and get their own blog and do it there. 🙂

    On point: these comments, like so many of the comments on Tamara’s story about her experience on a SWA flight, reek of unchecked and unexamined white privilege. You’ve got a swath of people who have never had to think critically about the issue of race in any way and are consequently kneejerking their way through whenever anyone makes a comment that should inspire reflection rather than reaction. It’s sad, because it’s the primary reason why the racial dialogue of this century cannot progress.

    Now, countdown to someone claiming that white privilege does not exist or that they’re white but do not have this privilege for X, Y or Z reason commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  54. Danny Ocean it sounds like you have some deep seeded issues. I try not to make a habit out of apologizing but I feel sorry for you I really do. Please for your sake try not to bump your head even in the slightest way i’m afraid you might go into a full blown coma. Anybody who waits and searches out some lettering on a pair of pajamas on a beautiful little child needs to do more than spend there allowance money at the arcade.

  55. Oh I forgot. Danny Ocean what you’ll need to do as of now to take your mind off of the subliminal message being sent in a political ad is rush down to your nearest record store that still sales vinyl and pick up whichever weird al yankovich record is your favorite unless you already own it and play it backwards until you feel satisfied that weird al is part of a conspiracy to brain wash parody loving Americans into poisoning the rainbow trout population.

  56. Kenyon — Have you seen this op-ed in the Times? If not, you should read it; it’s in the same vein as what you’ve said:

  57. Danny, The “race card” I was talking about is a political gesture to persuade others into voting for them. Obama is using this ad to persuade that Clinton is a racist, And maybe she is, I have no love for the woman, But using this as a card in an election is something I’ve seen alot of in many scenarios , And what I meant by my comment going on 6 days ago, Is that its getting old. Mind you furthermore, I am a Republican, But I am still following the Democratic election as I do every year. I respect your comment and I have reviewed the video, and have seen the things you mention, But something like that is not convincing enough evidence that she, Or any of her advisers, Her political “crew” if you will, Are racist. Thank you.

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